Are You What You Eat? Foods That Make You Taste Better

We’ve all heard it said that we are what we eat and if that’s accurate then we should taste like those foods we’re consuming. There are a number of reasons why our genitals taste the way they do: sweat, hormones, clothing, and hygiene are all contributing factors along with our diets. Semen, which is made up of several chemicals and proteins, is known for having a salty yet sweet flavor. It has also been recommended by many experts that changing/modifying diets is more effective for changing the taste of semen than it is for changing the taste of vaginal secretions. But vagina owners can still benefit from the changes in diet.

Here’s a suggested list of foods to eat to make your genitals a little tastier:

Fresh fruits

Pineapple, peaches, watermelon, strawberries and grapes. Cranberries are also known to be good for keeping female PH levels in balance which can prevent vaginal odors.


Celery can also change the taste of your genitals.

Foods That Make You Taste Less Appetizing

Just as there are foods that make you tastier, there are those that can make your genitals less appetizing: Onions of any variety can alter the flavor of genitals in a not so pleasant way. Garlic is also on the list. Cabbage or any strongly flavored food can affect your taste.

The next time you’re in the mood for oral delights, start with a delicious meal filled with foods that will enhance the experience! Enjoy!

Source (partial): Chiara Laurie, Kymbra’s Closet

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