10 Hot Home Valentine’s Date Ideas

Instead of making a reservation at a crowded restaurant with an overpriced set menu and bad service, you can stay home and have the best Valentine’s date ever! You’ll have more privacy for limitless romance, intimacy and eroticism, not to mention the time and money you’ll save by avoiding one of the busiest nights of the year out on the town. Here are my most memorable Valentine’s Day activities loved by many of my clients who have successful relationships, deep intimacy and fulfilling sex lives.

1. On Screen Kiss

Reenact your favorite kissing scenes from movies with your lover. Whether it’s from A Star is Born, Crazy Rich Asians, Pirates of the Caribbean, Closer, Twilight, The Notebook, Mulholland Drive, or Ghost, this could be the perfect way to create a kissing sensation that surpasses your expectations.

2. Sensational Senses

Find 5 items that enhance and heighten all 5 of each of your senses, so 10 items total. For the sense of sight, you can get fresh cut flowers or lingerie. For the sense of smell, use scented candles or incense. For sound, play romantic music or use wind chimes. The sense of taste can be enhanced with chocolates or fresh fruit and the sense of touch can be heightened by the use of feathers or massage oil. If you both choose the same thing for one of the senses, the first one to exchange it with something else gets their sensual massage first.

3. Love Foods

Food and sex are two of the greatest pleasures known to mankind and both appetites need to be fulfilled. Seduction foods heighten your arousal level even more, and can boost your sex drive to spice up your sex life. Take turns feeding each other slowly, licking each other’s fingers sensuously.

4. Body Art

Turn your lover’s body into a canvas! Paint a scene on any part of your lover’s body with food (fun foods for body painting include chocolate sauce, whipped cream, peanut butter, jam, syrup, honey, and all kinds of berries), and if they guess what it is you can you eat it off. If they can’t guess what it is, then you must continue to paint until they can describe your artistic masterpiece.

5. Hide the Honey

Decide who is going to be the hider and who is going to be the seeker. The hider will be the receiver of pleasure lying naked on the bed while the seeker will put on a blindfold. The hider must hide a dab of honey somewhere on their body and their lover must find it without using their hands.

6. Intimate Sex Talk

Begin a fantasy by creating your wildest scenario and then letting your lover add on to it. Take turns creating the additional sensual scenes until it ends in a climax! If you’re at a loss about how to get started, try using these phrases and fill in the blanks:
It feels so good when you touch my_____________.
Your _______is beautiful. I want you to_______________my________.
I love your______________.
My_____________ is so______________.
______me in the________.
You are so_______________.

7. Hands-Free Massage

A ‘hands-free’ massage is the ultimate erotic touch using your body instead of your hands! Both of you start by covering your bodies with massage oil. Then one of you gets on top of the other and slides up and down, side to side or in circular motions using your breath, hair, nose, lips, chin, elbows, forearms, nipples, pelvis, anything but your hands until one or both of you experience a happy ending!

8. Role-Playing Fantasies

One partner plays the doctor or nurse and the other is the patient who lays on the examination table and shows parts of his or her body that need more attention. The good doctor or nurse does whatever is needed to make sure their patient leaves happy.

9. Bags of Kink

Take two bags and fill each of them with as many different power play items as you can. One bag is for bondage restraints such as belts, neckties and scarves. The other bag is for discipline items such as a ruler, a spatula or clothes pegs. The more items you add to each bag, the better and the winner is he or she who can use everything from both bags to stimulate their lover.

For more sensual playtime ideas, check out my Sexy Little Book of Sex Games

10. Sexycises

Sexycises by Sexperts: Yin Yang Yoga For Intimacy is a love-changing video guide for couples to rekindle passion, deepen intimacy or just have fun together. Here are descriptions of the three sexycises in this photo:

Have a Ball

Sex Therapist Dr. Hernando Chaves sits onto the stability ball and guides Love Coach Erika Jordan to mount him by placing one leg on either side of his lap. Sitting face to face creates intimacy and closeness by allowing for the ability to synchronize your breath, connect with eye gazing, passionate kissing, and sweet caresses.

Double Trouble

Sex Therapist Dr. Amie Harwick and Love Coach Christina Engelhardt reach their left arm forward as they hinge from the hips towards their pointing toe, at the same time lifting their back arm up towards the sky. To make this pose more erotic, you can slide your hands along your partner’s body.

Sexy Backpack

Standing back to back, Acroyoga expert Dominic Cole links his arms underneath Sex Therapist Kayna Cassard’s to enable her to open her chest and heart chakra. As He hinges forward, Kayna relaxes her body and allows herself to be lifted off the ground into a supported backbend. Rent or buy the Sexycises video filled with demonstrations of couples yoga to enhance your intimate connection.

Finally, just because you are spending Valentine’s Day at home, it’s no excuse to forget the all-important card and gift. Since you’ll be saving money by not going out, you can splurge on a great gift or gourmet takeout for a picnic in bed.


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