What is A Braingasm & How to Have One

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The BrainGasm

The BrainGasm concept is to slowly build the mental and emotional intensity between partners. Sex starts between the ears as your brain influences the kind of sex you want to have – romantic, playful, sensual, intimate, erotic or wild. By concentrating on the
interconnection you share on the deepest level, a firecracker turns into a full sky of explosive fireworks.

1. With millions of nerve endings in the brain devoted to the lips, passionate kissing is essential to achieving a BrainGasm. During a long wet make-out kiss, adrenaline makes your heart race while the nucleus accumbens controls the release of dopamine (a craving signal) from the reward center of your brain.

2. Once the juices are flowing, focus on your partner with your full attention by looking deep into their eyes to release oxytocin, the bonding chemical that increases desire and
establishes a greater sense of intimacy.

3. Put your prominent hand on each other’s heart to light the emotional fire centers for a heart-mind-body connection. The amygdala induces sexual energy from the brain as balanced serotonin levels make you feel intense pleasure emotions, as if two hearts beat as one.

4. Whisper into your partner’s ear how you are going to sexually satisfy them, and take in their scent of arousal. Smell is the most primitive of all of our senses that comes from the
olfactory bulb, part of the brain’s limbic system, an area so closely connected with memory and emotion it’s often called the “Emotional Brain.”

5. Take your partner’s breath away by using your breath around their most sensitive erogenous zones from the top of their neck to the tip of their toes. When you blow your cool breath on the left side of your partner’s body, you are stimulating the right side of their brain. Watch your partner’s muscles contract with pleasure, controlled by the cerebellum.

6. Your partner should be begging you to touch them by now and with the first erotic touch on the nipples, toes or sexual organs, the brains sensory cortex region fires up. Neurons that are linked to your various erogenous zones communicate with the sensory cortex, to eventually activate the brain regions that produce orgasm. You may be interested to know that the toes are located next to the clitoris in the sensory cortex of the female brain.

7. Make love to activate the hippocampus, a region of the brain that evokes mind-blowing sensations, while the frontal cortex induces erotic fantasies and the cerebellum triggers
body-melting sexual tension – this can all result in an earth shattering, energy melting, all-embracing BrainGasm.


Since the brain is the most erotic organ in the body, it should be no surprise that you can think your way to orgasm. Sexual thoughts can activate the brain just like sexual touching does. If you’ve ever enjoyed looking at porn, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Visuals of people having sex can automatically trigger your body into a state of arousal, making women wet and giving men erections. If you continued to watch erotica without touching yourself, you could still experience a full-blown orgasm. Even if you’re not into porn, you can achieve a mind over body orgasm by tapping into all of your five senses.

Sexologist and Professor Emerita at Rutgers University Dr. Beverly Whipple is often referred to as “the inventor of the G-spot” based on a book she co-authored in 1982 entitled The G-Spot and Other Recent Discoveries About Human Sexuality. Through her work, Dr.
Whipple has documented that some women can achieve orgasm from visual stimulation alone, without touch. She states, “The point is that women can experience orgasms and sexual pleasure from many forms of stimuli. It does not have to be through genital stimulation.”

To begin your hands-free orgasm, use only your imagination to think about what your partner’s tongue would feel like between your legs and what he or she smells like when fully aroused. Visualize what they look like naked. Imagine touching, kissing, licking and tasting his or her body. Hear them moaning with pleasure. Become aware of your own feelings as you let your excitement build.

The trick here is not to touch yourself, but to let the ebb and fl ow of your orgasm take
you on a mental journey to sexual ecstasy. Th is can also be fun to do with a partner as a safe sex activity.


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