The Royal Riyu: Lorelei Riyu fights for choice

Lorelei Riyu is a model, mother and concerned woman–one who, like many other women, was deeply impacted by the United States Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn Roe Vs. Wade.

With decades old protections of women’s reproductive health now endangered or gone altogether, Lorelei is joining the worldwide army of women who are fighting back; pledging to regularly donate a significant portion of her Chaturbate tip funds to groups that help women find safe and viable reproductive health services.

And, as with many acts of feminist rebellion, this one started with a spark of creative rage.

“I didn’t feel sad or scared or worried. I felt angry,” she said regarding her reaction to the Roe decision. “We seriously backtracked the progress of society. I have a son and a daughter who are just a few years from puberty and the “birds and the bees talk”. I can’t believe I’m going to have to tell them to be extra careful because unprotected and uneducated sex is so much more dangerous now. I’m going to be educating them on adoption and children in the system who want families. I hope I can teach them the importance of waiting with how expensive children and life, even without them is expensive and pressing.”

Riyu decided to take action.

“I’m so mad thinking about how many more back alley abortions there will be. How many suicides, how many rapes from those who just don’t care. Because that’s what this is too. People, not all, but people have a problem accepting the word “no”. For everyone telling women to just “wrap it or stop having sex”, it doesn’t work that way all the time, even if you convince yourself of that. That doesn’t stop the possibility of the worst happening, on both ends,” she said. “I don’t plan on stopping, ever. Being a camgirl is my full-time job, so I live off the tips I make, but I will never stop showing my support for this. I’m going to be taking tips two weeks out of every month and sending them off to camping sites to show support. Granted, I’m a small town lady, so my donations aren’t going to be immediately life changing, but I hope that no matter how much I make to be donated, that it helps to benefit a women’s life in the way that her government refuses to.”

Riyu is committed to her fight, on behalf of both her own children and women everywhere.

“As I stated, I have two children growing up into future adults and citizens of this country. I have to fight for their futures and their freedom, even if it’s from my home. I wish I could go to the protests out there and show support in person,” she said. “Several of my friends have had miscarriages. Several of my friends are so small that if they had children, it could potentially kill them. They shouldn’t have to endanger their own lives in order to fulfill whatever plan the government has brewing. I’m donating my tips to camping services in or around my area; not chosen any specific way, so if there’s a Facility that you would like to see get some donations, my messages are open. I don’t answer hate mail, so you can try, it won’t work.”

Riyu wants women in need to know that they are not alone.

“Don’t feel alone babes. The last thing you are is alone, look around you. I know things look so bad right now, but what we can do is get angry and fight for our freedom,” said Riyu. “Don’t let them take our voices but be safe about it. Don’t stop protesting. Let them hear you. Make them hear you. They’re supposed to work for us, not manipulate and control us. They’ve forgotten that and they need to be reminded.”

By visiting and visiting the channel watch “Thereal_Loreleiriyu” live on Chaturbate, you can take in a good show for a good cause.

“You can visit me on Chaturbate and help show support every weekday. I do two shows a day, can’t miss me if you tried. I have a good time no matter what. My room is built on good conversations, great music, and better vibes. I have viewers frequently tell me how much fun my room is,” said Riyu. “They love the throwback songs; they love the vibes I give off (and that’s because I’m goofy all around). I don’t judge one way or the other, but I don’t tolerate drama. My room has rules, they’re pinned to the top of my Twitter. Breaking those are about the way to get kicked, I don’t hesitate with disrespect to my room and my viewers, we’re all there for a good time, so let us have it.”


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