The 5 Best Positions for Slow, Deep Penetrative Sex

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For most of us, we often begin our sexual activity with quick penetration and pelvic thrusts. Sexual pleasuring is a journey, an adventure, not just a means to an end.

Instead, try slow, easy penetration. Choose the position that is most comfortable for the two of you and serves this part of the experience.

This approach aligns harmony of the male and female energies. By lying together and engaging in easy, gentle sex, the energy builds and spreads from the genital region
throughout the body. This energy is regenerative and strengthens the bond. It keeps the mood physical and mental at the same time.

Your purpose is pleasure.

Concentrate on this as you gradually increase your momentum towards rapid penetration — but don’t reach orgasm. Pull back and allow the fever to build. Slow down and cool off a bit.

Slow Penetration

One of the most erotic activities a couple can engage in happens at the moment of entry. A millimeter at a time, the man moves his penis into the vagina… slowly, ever so slowly. Total penetration might take as much as a minute — which is excruciatingly long compared to the all-too-typical thrust inside by a hot, horny male. This approach takes control, but it is an absolute turn on for the woman — and the man too when he realizes the effect his
restraint is having on his lover.

Once inside, don’t speed up. Go in and out in slow motion for awhile. The missionary or spooning positions are best for entry, but when the pace is set to be picked up, you might want to consider changing positions to give the woman a little more of the lead.

Best Positions for Deep Penetration

There are five basic positions that all work for this slow penetration phase.

1. Scissors (spooning/side by side).

The scissors position is perfectly suited for slow penetration. This position lends itself to good physical contact between the lovers as well as sexual conversation, continual stroking and massage. When the woman is ready for penetration, she lies to the right of her partner. The man, lying on his right side, positions his right leg under the woman’s left leg. Her right leg will then be between his legs while her left leg is over his hip. In this scissors position it is very easy for the man to put his penis into the woman’s vagina — as slowly as they agree to — and to keep it there, soft or hard, for an extended period of time.

2. Man on top.

The Missionary position can be emotionally gratifying for slow penetration since both the man and woman can embrace, kiss and watch each others’ mounting arousal. This position can however, result in less clitoral stimulation and a lack of tightness in women.

3. Woman on top.

As there is no “natural” position for human sexual intercourse, the female superior position is very similar to the missionary position, but with the relative placement of the man and woman reversed. In this position the woman must provide the motion, and it is a good position to use when the depth of penetration must be limited. The best advantage in the female superior position is the contact between the clitoris and the male pubic bone, but this is not the goal in this phase.

4. Standing.

This is a nice alternative for slow penetration since movement is not the primary factor, face-to-face connection is. It is not for those with heart problems, or with a tendency towards obesity, and certainly not for those with weak knees.

5. Rear Entry

This position is ideal for deep penetration and makes clitoral stimulation easy. However, the level of excitement is often so high that many men complain that they reach orgasm much too rapidly in this position. Rear entry can also provide easy access for anal stimulation or penetration.


Needless to say, there are many variations on the basics. Use your imagination. What’s important is to look into each other’s eyes while you begin penetration. Your objective is not to overwhelm each other sexually, but to connect your purpose and intent with your pleasure.

Try out as many of the positions that appeal to you. Have fun, experiment. The positions themselves are not the relevant factors. Kissing, caressing, cuddling, connection — these are most important now.


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