Sextech During Quarantine: A Brave New World

“The future cannot be predicted, but futures can be invented.”—Dennis Gabor

A Brave New World?

Inarguably, we are living in unsettling, even traumatic times.  While it may not be “A Brave New World” dystopia out there, we are still experiencing the anxiety around the pandemic, stress from the economic downturn, all while trying to balance the need to socially isolate while still craving human contact. Need a chill pill anyone (aka SOMA)?

take a soma holiday

‘Take A Soma Holiday’ Art Print by SoCalStylez

But if there’s a good side to the COVID-19 crisis it’s that the year really is 2020 and even though it may not feel like it, especially now, we actually are living in the future.

Sure, we may not have flying cars or food pills yet (blech), but, we do have the Internet; with its immense store of information and entertainment, plus for a lucky few, ways to stay employed while staying safe at home.

Which is fine and dandy for keeping our minds occupied but what about our more (ahem) physical needs: How do you have the sexy fun you so earnestly crave when you can’t even leave your house?

There are still all kinds of inventive, and best of all fun ways to get your various sexual rocks off while remaining safe under quarantine. Isn’t living in the future great?!

SexTech: Smart and sexy technology

sextech ohmibod

OhMiBod–Innovative SexTech

You may have heard the term sextech being bandied around a lot lately.  Keeping it simple, really simple, this is just a shorthand for sexual technology.

While, many of these brand new, state-of-the-art toys designed to tickle your fancy have been created by leading experts in erotic technology, they are also frequently very smart.

No, they won’t do your taxes, at least not yet, but these new sextech toys can communicate, and even respond to your smartphone, tablet, computer, including other compatible toys—often over hundreds or even thousands of miles apart.

There are far too many brands and manufacturers making sextech toys to even begin to mention in a short article like this; however, this means that no matter your sexual interest or anatomy you’ll be able to find something that suits your sexual fancy.

Sexually Connecting in Virtual Space

Lovense Sex Toys Long Distance Interaction

Just to give you someplace to start, having reviewed their products I can recommend anything produced by companies like Kiiroo, Lovense, MysteryVibe, Hot Octopuss, or WeVibe.

How their smart sextech products work really depends on the company but, again, keeping this simple, it usually involves first linking your chosen device via Bluetooth to the company’s proprietary computer or smartphone app.

Once this is done you can then fine-tune the sexual actions of the toy, even creating customized playlists of vibrations, oscillations, and thrusts—depending on the toy you’re using.

The fun doesn’t stop there, though. You can also be connected, via WiFi, to your lover’s toys so when they use it, their actions (and vibrations) are transmitted to your device, allowing the two of you to have virtual partner sex while being physically apart.

Add in your choice of video conferencing and with a small amount of digital tinkering you’ll be able to see, hear, and, via these sextech devices, feel each other’s pleasure.  While it may not be just like skin to skin sex, it still can be a great way to stay erotically intimate with your partner long-distance.

Or, if you can find someone with a compatible device and work out the details, a complete stranger.  Because… there’s no safe(r) sex than the virtual kind.

That’s not all. Other toys also can be wirelessly connected to adult videos as well, so what you see on the screen also interacts with you via your sextech hardware.

SexTech and Virtual Reality

free vr goggles

But sextech is more than just vibrators and sex toys.

While you may have heard the term “virtual reality”, what you may not know is that the adult entertainment industry has taken to VR in a big way: so much so that there are now thousands of explicit videos and even fully interactive erotic games to try out.

Alas, high-end rigs, such as the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift are far from inexpensive, sometimes running into the thousands of dollars.

But don’t despair, for many places also support a much more affordable option—and all you need is a smartphone.  Although these cheaper options may not have all the bells and whistles, or ultra-realistic immersion of those other VR headsets, these smartphone rigs can still be a lot of erotic fun.

All you need to do is pick one up, which sometimes can run as low as $5, fire up your virtual reality entertainment on your phone, slide it into the headset and you’re ready to blast off.

Sex Dolls or Sex Robots?

sex doll robot

Meet “Quin” the REALDOLL sex doll

Another facet of the sextech revolution which is also often on the pricey side (but if you’re longing for physical intimacy, or just curious about what the experience might be) are sex dolls.

Actually, calling them ‘dolls’ does many of them a disservice as they are far closer to being robots.  Take for example the ones made by Abyss Creations: their RealDolls don’t just feel extremely lifelike but many of their models are also equipped with vaginal, anal, or oral sextech hardware.  They even have specialized heads that, using their sophisticated hardware and software, replicate many facial expressions as well as carry on engaging, and especially erotic, conversations with their owner.

If you can’t afford one of these high-end models don’t worry, for just as with virtual reality, other sex doll companies offer products that can still be just the thing to keep you company during these cold, lonely quarantine nights.

The Future is NOW

rocket girlsWhile all these sextech innovations can be a lot of fun, and perhaps be a great way to enjoy sexual pleasure while socially isolating, what’s even more invaluable to making it through these unsettling, traumatic times is trying to remain as optimistic as possible.

No, I’m not saying to put on your rose-colored glasses and pretend that the dangers aren’t there, but rather to take every opportunity to remind yourself that despite how bad things might seem there honestly will come a time when we can step outside and, better yet, be sexually intimate with other people once again.

So, in the meantime, take care of yourself and those you care about, be diligent and thoughtful in regards to remaining safe, keep yourself educated about the global situation, help those who might be having a much harder time than you are, and even—if you can—consider this as a time to do some work on yourself or try out some new and potentially wild erotic activities.

And, be grateful we don’t live in the “Brave New World” dystopia… Yet!

PS: You can watch the trailer for Brave New World movie below


Featured image by-  Pete Linforth from Pixabay

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