Look Alive, Guys! Time to Seduce Your Lady

A few years ago, while appearing as a guest on a feminist radio show, I bristled a bit when another guest opined, “It’s OK for a wife or girlfriend to play sexy for her man, being his whore, as long as he still respects and appreciates her.”

“I agree with the substance of what you’re saying,” I said, being more judicious than I am–like, ever. “My question is, Why is it the women who are always expected to dress and act sexy for her man–and never the reverse?”

The hostess of the show immediately concurred, “It seems the women are always supposed to put on the show. All the men have to do is buy tickets and take a seat.”

….And it’s been this way since time immemorial. Back in the ’50s, magazine articles taught shy wives how to undress for their husbands. In the ’60s, the hit song “Wives and Lovers” warned wives that they’d better have that blasted makeup on and curlers off when their man walked through that door, or she would drive him over the edge of fidelity and force him to cheat with a ‘girl at the office.’ Those pesky girls at the office. Drat them.

Common advice dished out to women seeking to please their man often includes, “Act like his hooker, his secretary, his schoolgirl.” Could you ever imagine telling a man, “Act Like her gigolo, her hot assistant, her schoolboy?”

Now, I’m not suggesting that a woman shouldn’t dress up and vamp to please her man–but my point (and I do have one–two, in fact) is that she shouldn’t feel coerced into doing something she’s uncomfortable with for fear that her man will cheat.

For example: a woman who might have been sexually abused as a child might feel very uncomfortable dressing as a schoolgirl, and might prefer instead to play a dominatrix in a hot pleather bustier–calling him Darling instead of Daddy. A woman with body image issues might feel more comfortable in a long, figure-flattering white silk nightgown than a skimpy negligee.

And at the same time, a man can do lots of things to repay the favor: teasing and seducing his hardworking wife, so she doesn’t dally with those boys at the office.

Now I do realize that certain men’s magazines offer features on how guys can spice things up in the bedroom. Yet I’ve read these features and the suggestions they offer range from the creepy (“Tell her that you’re a skin magazine photographer and you want to shoot her photos”–um, do they not realize that this is how several infamous serial killers lured victims to their deaths?) to the sad (Buy her some new sexy underwear? That’s fulfilling his fantasy, not hers) to the all too obvious (Do the dishes one night after dinner. That’s not fantasy fulfillment, it’s an everyday responsibility).

It’s time that a woman taught men how to seduce their ladies. So pay ample heed, Boys, as the Feminist Sexpert is only going to say this once:

 1. Roleplaying.

The sexy leading man Hugh Jackman has said that his kickass wife Deborra Lee Furness often asks him to bring costumes home from his movie sets, so she can feel as though as she’s having affairs with the heroes he portrays. And while filming Magic Mike, Channing Tatum said he put on private shows for then wife Jenna Dewan. And while every man might not be a professional actor with a full wardrobe filled with sexy costumes at his disposal, what he can do is pay the occasional trip to a men’s wear store to buy some G-strings or sexy thongs, or to a costume store–renting the pirate’s costume, the kilt, the policeman’s uniform, or the Marine whites that will really drive her wild.

Or just get a nice haircut, throw on a new suit, and appear at the house in the role of a seductive stranger–someone who’s been admiring her from afar, and who is there to entice her away from her husband. Or simply throw on a thong or some sexy shorts, and play the role of the seductive poolboy. Even if you don’t happen to have a pool. Believe me, she won’t care.

2. Fantasy fulfillment.

Some women may say that they don’t have sexual fantasies, or they’re too bashful to say them aloud. Yet the curious husband can sneak a peek at her favorite romance novels, soap operas, or romantic films to get an idea of her innermost intimate thoughts. Or you might even buy her an empowering erotic book and offer to act out its scenes. I’ve heard those are widely available.

3. Couples porn.

Yeah, I know. If you have to listen to that bloody sax music or to some sculpted couple talking at length about their predestined love for one another… but if you feel that way about couples porn, imagine how she feels about watching the 58th edition of Banging the Baby-sitter or Kiki Does Kansas.

You can still watch these flicks, alone or with your buddies. When you’re with her, try a title by Bright Desire, Strawberry Seductress, Lust Films, Sweet Sinner, Anna Span, Playgirl, Adam and Eve, or Femme. As far as couples porn, some of my favorites include the sprawling historical romance Immortal Desire, Hardbound (directed and written by the husband and wife team of Bob and Deborah Chinn) and Candida Royalle’s My Surrender. I’ve also heard that Marriage 2.0 is a towering achievement in adult cinema, even–haven’t seen that one yet, but the presence of Ryan friggin’ Driller in the cast guarantees that I will someday.


4. Massage.

Who doesn’t love an invigorating massage, performed with some essential oils? Don’t forget the candles, the low lights, and the dirty talk!

5. Indulging her crushes.

No matter how much you love your wife, no doubt you entertain fantasies about a certain supermodel, porn star or centerfold. So if she seems infatuated with a soap star, rock star or film or TV actor, don’t scoff at the TV screen and say, “I bet he’s GAY!” Instead buy her a CD or DVD that features his work or a magazine that features his likeness–or park her in front of the TV and slip out of the room when his show is on, letting her enjoy her fantasy date. Why should you do this? Because he makes her horny. And, at the end of the evening, it’s you that benefits. 

6. Striptease.

You don’t have to have the moves of Channing Tatum to pull off a most effective striptease. A hot costume and a basic body roll will get you far in life–and with your wife. And, again, I’ve heard there are books on the subject.

In dishing out this advice, I offer the same qualifier that I would to the ladies. Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Yet in the event that you do elect to do this stuff, you get more sex–and, in the long run, a very happy lady. You’re welcome.


Featured image by- Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay


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