How to Improve Your Relationship During Self-Isolation with Your Partner

Relationship During Self-Isolation

Self-isolation is a unique experience for many of us, and it has the potential to create significant pressures on relationships, especially those at the center of our lives. Whether you live with your partner or not, the novelty of such a situation is likely to alter your lifestyle and the way you relate to each other. The good news is that if you take these key factors into consideration, you can strengthen rather than damage the bond you share with your partner.

Give Them the Right Amount of Space

No matter how much you love someone, being around them all the time can put a strain on your relationship, so be mindful of saturating your partner while in isolation. Give them time to themselves when they ask for it, and when they’re doing something important like working from home. This is particularly important for couples who are still new to cohabitation, as it can be challenging to adapt to life with another person at the best of times. If tensions begin to build, consider taking time out to get some fresh air or spending time in separate rooms. 

Make Time for Play

While you may be tiring of reliving what feels like much the same experience each day, you also have a great opportunity to try new things and reinvigorate your relationship, especially in the bedroom. Sex plays a critical role in most healthy partnerships, but it can be challenging to maintain a physical connection when the challenges of upheaval leave you feeling mentally drained. At times like these, something as simple as trying out new toys and fun additions to the bedroom could be the novelty touch that injects your relationship with a renewed sense of playfulness and desire.

Likewise, you shouldn’t shy away from delving into each other’s fantasies. Trying out some role-play while on a candle-lit dinner date creates a perfect occasion to dress up (and down), all the while exploring further what each partner might have secretly craved for. 

Watch Video Below for Some At Home Date Night Ideas During Self-Isolation.

Work on Your Communication

Communication is essential to the health of any close relationship, and it only becomes more important when you’re dealing with a significant change. Opening a dialogue will not only make room for important discussions about bills, household maintenance, and individual behavior patterns that may have an impact on your relationship, but it will also help your partner to provide the emotional support you need.

The best method of communication is to use the phrase “I feel”, two words which will allow you to share your feelings without casting blame. This is also a great time to perform a little self-diagnosis on your emotions and get clear on the source of your frustrations or anger so that you can avoid projecting your negative feelings onto your partner. 

Manage Your Priorities

As a working adult you will always have competing priorities to manage, something which you may find more difficult than usual during isolation. It can often feel as though a full-time work schedule leaves little time for nurturing personal relationships, especially once you bring work into the home environment.

The best way to maintain balance is by setting yourself a schedule that includes essential elements of your life like family, friends, hobbies and all those things you hold dearest.

Your significant other should be at the top of that list and maintaining a healthy and honest sexual relationship with them will not only strengthen your bond, it will boost your mental well-being as well. For the sake of your relationship, it’s important that you resist the urge to overwork and instead savor this precious personal time together.

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Set Intimacy Goals

Personal goals can become a driving force in your life, and it could be exactly what you and your partner need during such a time of uncertainty. Taking the time to create a list of goals together, no matter how big or small, is a great way to strengthen your bond, particularly if the goals involve a long-term vision.

Even simply sharing long-term goals with your partner can build great trust and intimacy between you, and you’ll end up with something to look forward to once self-isolation is a thing of the past. 

Learn Something New Together

Nothing quite matches the feeling of accomplishment that comes with gaining a new skill, and it’s a great experience to be able to share with your partner. You get bonus points if one of you happens to have a skill you can teach to the other, as the process of sharing knowledge breeds trust and emotional vulnerability.

Whether you choose to take on something simple like a new video game or a long-term investment like learning a new language or musical instrument together, you’re sure to come out the other side with more than a new party trick.

The bottom line is that a unique and challenging experience like isolation can either enhance or threaten your relationship depending on how you choose to respond to it. Treat yourself and your partner with kindness and you’ll have a great opportunity to grow together through adversity.

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