I Got to Thinking……. Let Me Reintroduce Myself

Photo of Debra Shade, certified Clinical Sexologist

I have been submitting blogs for Sexpert.com for quite some time now. I got to thinking about all of the new readers who have stumbled across this blog. Especially folks who are looking to find out about creating the perfect orgasm. Let me reintroduce myself. I am Debra Shade, I am a Board-Certified Clinical Sexologist and Master Sexpert, and my area of concentration for the last twelve years has been studying the art of orgasm.

I am located in Columbus Ohio, and I absolutely love it. I own a Sexual Wellness center called Shades Oasis and have a private practice in which I consult individuals and couples. I offer a safe space for humans who are looking to have a human experience. I propose that there is a need for modern-day sex education. Education steeped in valid information about sex for pleasure. Did you know that pleasurable sex can lead to an orgasm? It does, , completing the sexual response cycle has been my passion, so of course I write about it, deliver workshops and seminars about it. I provide consultations on helping folks through barriers to orgasm.

I continue to travel the country delivering orgasm education at expos and conferences for audiences of all sizes and all inclusive. In addition to whole-body sexual wellness, I provide yoga, massage, mindfulness, and tantara practioniers being essential for the mind, body and spirit, I creatively deliver education on pleasurable physical intimacy. I concentrate on fourteen orgasmic acts that create a perfect storm of hormones and chemicals to give whole-body wellness. You will find that my blogs carry this message. Completing the sexual response cycle reduces stress, tension, lowers blood pressure and cortisol levels. Believe it, the more intense (pleasurable), the release is, the more the benefits from oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine, yes dopamine, the same hormone released when you are on a “substance high,” flow through the body lowering the risk of heart attack, acts as an antihistamine and more. With knowledge about the anatomy and positions that include folks who are identified as disabled, handicapped or mentally ill. All sexual beings are able to have intercourse, but all participants need to have medical clearance to participate in practicum.

Practicing three orgasms a week will create and/or improve whole body health through the lowering of blood pressure and cortisol levels, lowers risk of heart attack, reduces pain, depression and acts as an antihistamine. The hormones released also aid in digestion, sleep, bone health and the feelings of pleasure, relaxation and stress reduction. Having the knowledge to create various orgasms and varied levels of intensity can help humans explore the prescription of orgasms for whole-body health benefits. I prescribe three orgasms a week to achieve several of these benefits depending on your current health status, completing the sexual response cycle often can provide sexual wellness.

That is a piece of me, but you have to come back to collect this information. I look forward to sharing with you information that you can put into practice immediately. You can join me on Wednesdays at noon for a Brown Bag Lunch virtual workshop on varied topics. (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/499838449257) You can feel free to drop me a question at debrashade.com and follow me @shadeyontop IG, TW, FB, TT #PatreonComingSoon


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