How To Be Thankful For Your Relationship

We want and need to be able to depend on each other, especially during life’s difficulties, but all too often, we take our partner for granted and forget to say “Thank you for being there for me.” We blame our busy lives and lack of time to slow down and reflect, so this year take Thanksgiving as an opportunity to appreciate what you have and be thankful for it.

Below are 5 ways to show your gratitude and be thankful for your relationship.

1. Friendship Footprints to Your Heart

Friendship means being able to say anything without being judged. Best friends don’t take advantage of each other and can be relied upon to help with any size problems. Tell your best friend that you will always be there for them and thank them for being so lovable.

2. Play to Win-Win and Give-Give

Couples who play together, stay together because having fun and being playful will keep your relationship fresh and exciting. Challenge your partner to a kissing contest to see who can come up with the most different kinds of kisses. This game is win-win as you’ll both expand your kissing horizons.

3. Time is Your Most Precious Gift

Giving of your time to each other has a priceless value on it. Our allotted time on this planet is so precious. And when that time runs out and we are ready to move on to the next dimension, it’s the memories we have created here on earth that we will be thinking about. So it’s never too late to begin creating more loving memories with the one you love.

4. Compliments are Compelling

Compliments are vital in a relationship as they can make a world of difference in your day when your partner looks at you and says: “I desire you as much as the day I met you.” Give physical, emotional and appreciative compliments regularly and you may be surprised to get them back.

5. Be Passionate About Your Partner’s Passion

Compatibilities are just as important as chemistry and you can show your appreciation by taking an interest in one of your partner’s passions. Take secret lessons to brush up on what really interests him/her so that you have even more in common, whether it’s music, sports, cooking, dancing, traveling or spirituality, it can only enhance your relationship.


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