A Friend to Eve: RIP Phil Harvey

Phil Harvey Adam & Eve Warehouse Expansion Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Once upon a time, a rather bashful but infinitely curious college girl and aspiring romance writer–one who thought she’d never care much for porn–saw an ad for a movie in Playgirl magazine that looked too good to resist. They used the man’s image to sell the movie–imagine that–and it actually looked romantic as well as smexy! The movie was released by Adam and Eve, and its title was Hardbound–a hardcore romantic comedy starring Nina Hartley and Dale Dabone, and written by Deborah Chinn.

When she ordered this film, she was told she she’d get a bonus motion picture entitled Party Girl Pick Up.

“Um, I don’t forsee myself enjoying Party Girl Pickup, somehow,” she informed the operator, who helped her find a classy couples feature more in line with what she would enjoy. That film was The Dinner Party, an erotic classic directed by Cameron Grant.

On many an evening, while up late studying, she sat on the phone line with A&E operators, asking for more good porn suggestions and regaling the patient ladies with endless suggestions about how to make better porn for women–all the while assuring them they were on the right track! She’s sure they were most relieved.

Under the leadership of Phil Harvey, who passed away Dec. 3, Adam and Eve was a signature creator and releaser of premiere films for women and couples; releasing Candida Royalle’s landmark masterworks of feminist porn, along with compilation tapes consisting of scenes that showcased the beauty of the male form, created especially for the female viewer. Now directors like Kay Brandt and Jacky St. James and writers like Selena Kitt helm Adam and Eve productions, We ladies owe a real debt of gratitude to Adam and Eve, for finally giving Eve something decent to watch pornwise!

Harvey was also a well-known warrior for free speech and AIDS awareness issues; and often, at the head of Adam and Eve tapes, one would see ceremonious adverts for the Free Speech Coalition, that featured dialogues regarding the importance of free speech–voiced over images of downtown Washington DC and some shots of the Lincoln monument. I often wondered how ol’ Abe would feel about being featured in a porn flick–who knows? He mighta liked it. 

Postscript: A little while later that gal evolved to become the Feminist Sexpert. Thank you, Mr. Phil Harvey.



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