9 Places Where You Can Get Your Erotic Stories Published And Get Paid 

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Okay, so here are 9 Places (I didn’t want to be cliché and give you ten) Where You Can Get Your Erotic Stories Published And Get Paid.

Drum roll please!

I can’t say what these might be like when you click to explore any of these places. Of course, guidelines and acquisition needs change as much at erotica publishers as at any other house. But what I have tried to do with these nine is present you with places I know that accept erotic fiction on a regular basis. Or at least ones I have worked with that I can vouch for.


So…Good luck.


1.) Bust Magazine’s “One-Handed Read” section features short fiction (under 850 words) for the discerning horny female. Send your submissions as an MS word attachment, with your email containing your author info to [email protected], to the attention of the section “One-Handed Read” section.


2.) Penthouse Letter’s and Penthouse itself still accept pornographic fiction. The stories usually need to be about 3000 words. To [email protected]


3.)  Cleis Press is a venerable publishing house for erotica. 


4.)  Berlinable is a new erotic house, with a particular (but not only) interest in erotica centered in Berlin, Germany. 


5.)  Circlet Press, a house that I have been published by, are always on the lookout for fiction for their various anthologies. Circlet marries the erotic with genre fiction, like fantasy, sci-fi-fi, and horror. 


6.)  Erotica For All is a unique one. It is a website where you can post non-fiction directly related to something you have already published (at the time of posting here, what you’ve had published need not be all that old). You are not getting paid, as you will in any of the above, but it is a great way to promote your work with a quick essay about the theme or book you have just put out, with a snippet of that book below the essay. For instance, I wrote a short essay about how women don’t have to be leather-clad and wield a whip to still be a femdom lady; then, I included a story from my just-published short story collected called No Whip, No Problem. Get the idea?


7.)  Xcite Books is another I have published books with. They are UK-based and take stories for anthos as well as for one-off shorter single-story books.


8.)  My buddy Jim over at Wordwooze accepts all kinds of books that he puts out as ebooks as he does audio. He has published erotica as well as a one-act play collection from me.


9.)  SinCyr is another house I can’t say enough about… and not only because they have been smart enough to publish me often. They publish a consistent batch of anthologies during any given year. I’d advise checking them out as well.


So, what are you still standing around reading this column for?! Get out, get published, stop bugging me already!


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