The Iron Rose: Cinthya LaRose Fights for Choice

The Feminist Sexpert Interviews Cinthya LaRose

Although her exotic beauty is more than obvious, model and artist Cinthya LaRose is in all ways an iron rose; a woman with a voice and a purpose, who is making both heard loud and clear in the service of women in need.  

LaRose is offering a special deal for her OnlyFans followers: a FREE one-month subscription to her official model page, OnlyFans when they make a donation to support NARAL Pro-Choice America in the name of reproductive freedom through the star’s group fundraiser on Instagram

“I want to publicly offer my support to NARAL Pro-Choice America and encourage everyone to please donate whatever you can in order to continue safeguarding our sexual and reproductive health options,” said LaRose. “My fundraising goal is $1,000 over the next 30 days, and I need everyone’s help in getting there!”

Roe v Wade, a landmark Supreme Court ruling which protects a pregnant woman’s right to choose to have an abortion without government interference or restrictions, is at risk of being overturned; with the issue of abortion rights being transferred to states’ jurisdiction, many states are set to rule in favor of criminalizing the procedure, leading to unsafe, risky and dangerous methods of termination.

At least 22,800 women die each year due to complications from unsafe abortion, reports WHO and the Guttmacher Institute, and two to seven million women each year suffer lasting damage from illegal procedures.

“I was pissed at the news,” said LaRose. “I was so upset. And I wasn’t sure why more people around me weren’t upset. And while I knew that I might lose some subscribers, I can’t lose sight of who I am and what I believe.”

“I am only one person, but I have a platform,” she said. “If I can use it to help people, I’ll do so.”

This latest move from LaRose is characteristic for this empowered woman, who studied psychology at the collegiate level and yearns to become an advocate for women in the industry.

“There’s a huge stigma behind sex work,” she said. “And when they go into escorting, stripping, porn, some aren’t educated about what to expect. And there aren’t a lot of people in our corner, to support us.”

LaRose wants to reach out to both women who face abuse on set, and harassment from those outside the industry.

“We need to reach out to them, to make mental health care more accessible,” she said. “And people need to remember that we’re human beings.”

An avid abstract painter, writer and reader, this Mexican-born stunner takes a creative and highly glamorous approach to her OnlyFans content. Escaping into a world of fantasy in exotic tropical settings to become her ‘alter ego,’ she shoots artsy solo, boy/girl, and girl/girl content with an eye toward expressing her inner desires.

“You get sexy ol’ me,” she said with a chuckle.  And this online party is most definitely not for boys only.

“I welcome women onto my page,” she said. “Overall, there should be more porn for women. More kissing, more sensuality. And I love to see women on my page.”
And she is equally proud to use her page in the service of women.

“Reproductive rights belong to EVERY BODY – access to affordable contraception, safe and legal abortion options and counseling for those who need it is of paramount importance, and we need to make our voices heard and remove any barriers that keep us from our ability to CHOOSE what is best for us.”

I’m the Feminist Sexpert. And I support this message. Let us support The Iron Rose!

Supporters can also visit to donate directly for the FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

Find and follow Cinthya LaRose at:

OnlyFans: @cinthya_larose



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