The Fuk Machine Company

Fuk Machine is the maker of powerful yet beautiful automatic sex machines, thrusting fucking machines, and double penetration pink sex machines. The machines have styles that are made for men and women, and they are each designed to spice up your sex life. Experimentation, imagination, and creativity are the words of the day when trying out one of these Fuk Machine models.

Some of the Best Selling models are:

  • The Automatic Pink Sex Machine With S Dildo
  • The Black Sex Machine With Five Dildos And Jump Egg
  • The Power Pink Sex Machine With Three Attachments
  • The Women’s Black Sex Machine With Three Dildos
  • The Double Penetration Sex Machines With Attachments
  • The Adjustable Speed Machine With Pink Five Dildos
  • The Thrusting Sex Machine For Men and Women
  • The Adjustable Sex Machine Black With Seven Dildos

The appealing Fuk Machine brand consist of emerging new designers and our discerning buyers have a keen eye for the best look anywhere so you can always find a style to call your own. Fashion is more than simply styles: it also represents our passions, which is why our designs are as unique and individual as you. Fuk Machine designs come in a variety of colors and some with an assortment of attachments aimed at increasing your sexual satisfaction.    

Attachments are available for many models.

Forty-six exciting and unique attachments are available for the models. There is a male masturbation cup for the sex machine. A huge dildo is also available.  Some styles are available with a flexible tube, an extend tube and a universal suction cup. The attachments are made of a variety of quality materials like silicone and TPE.  The options are wide ranging and can add excitement and satisfaction to the Fuk Machine experience.

We are engaged in the wholesale of sexual machines.  We are trying our best to build up a super strong sex machine mall with the best price and the best quality for customers from all over the world. Fuk Machine offers:

  • The most competitive price
  • Quality guaranteed based on the price
  • Spanning all ranges of products in the market
  • Golden customer service
  • The longest warranty times (For retailer and wholesaler, please check our website policy for your business
  • (For retailer and wholesaler, please check our wholesale policy for your business.)

Important Rules (applicable to certain models):

  • Upon first use, please do not insert the accessories too deep, do not try to catch the accessories.
  • Please disinfect the accessories with alcohol before use, lubricants are recommended.
  • When using the suction cup accessory, please wet it first and it is recommended to press the chassis with some heavy objects when in maximum speed.
  • To ensure the service life, please place the machine in a cool and dry place.

Whichever Fuk Machine models and attachments you select, a fun and pleasurable experience is coming your way. Fuck Machine will keep you and your customers coming back for more. Fuk Machine is an exciting brand that brings a unique line of quality products that work well for a wide variety customers. 


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