Racy Resolutions: Happy New Year from The Feminist Sexpert

When the Feminist Sexpert visits adult video news sites such as AVN, there are certain things that do not escape her notice–well, aside from the ego boost she derives when she types in her own name and sees references to films she has written and interviews she has done–huzzah! It seems that, whenever a featured news item boasts a photo of a beautiful woman, then chances are the film discussed is geared toward men.

“What a brill observation, Feminist Sexpert,” one might be thinking at this point. “In other news, the sun is hot and water is often wet.”

Wait, wait, hear me out on this one. At these same sites, if an article is headed up by a photo of a gorgeous man or men, then chances are that the film discussed is geared toward men. And, indeed, many sites–including AVN and PornHub–offer alternate pages to appeal to men of different sexualities, such as GayVN and PornHubGay. And the first true leader in adult video, Vivid Home Video, offered separate lines devoted to Vivid Girls and Vivid His.

The Feminist Sexpert’s question is, When do we get GalVN, PornHers and–well, you get the idea. There is some fantastic porn for women out there, and some extremely hawt men starring in it–but neither gets enough coverage or accolades! We need a grand return of the Feminist Porn Awards, as well–and, well, I’m working on it.

Of course we’ve seen progress in this area, with sisterfriends such as Erika Icon posting press–and pics–about her impressive roster of hot male talent; and sisterfriends like Coralyn Jewel and Lily Craven interviewing hot male talent. And I’ll sometimes find myself pleasantly surprised when I see some box cover art that features the gorgeous male form for the female eye–such as Spark by Lust Films, starring the delish Dante Colle and directed by and co-starring Casey Calvert–and released by Erika Lust, natch.

And then, there’s me.  I can’t believe that it’s been nearly more than a decade since I made it my mission to create, promote and recommend erotica for women–first as the ‘possemeister’ of the Playgirl Posse and a marketing writer for Playgirl, then as the co-administrator of the Fempower feminist porn blog as well as a blogger for Good Vibrations, and now as The proud Feminist Sexpert at Sexpert.Com and a chief contributor at Scandalous Women magazine, as well as a novelist for Satin Romance (where my erotic romance The Leading Lady was published in 2022) and a story and scriptwriter for Blush Erotica and the fab Angie Rowntree’s Sssh, where I also became an erotic audio performer this year–burning up the airwaves with the gorgeous Luke Hardy in our adaption of my erotic script, A Christmas Carole. And before that, even back in college, I was the annoying woman at the video store who constantly asked, “What do you have for women?”

As we greet the dawn of 2023, I find myself still asking that question–and demanding, as the late great Andrea True would sing it, “More, More, More!” More good adult content for women, and more promo for that content across the scope of the adult media marketplace. And, of course, more from me–the Feminist Sexpert!  


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