How do I get my ex back? Hint: avoid this huge mistake!

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Stop trying to get your ex back by reminding them of the “good times” you had together. Yes, you are trying to spark the romantic nostalgic in them, and it’s easy to see why you might think that reminding them of the bond you have would be a good thing.

But it’s not.

Unfortunately, this usually only makes them remember why you broke up.


Because they links those OLD memories with your OLD relationship.

And your old relationship is what they wanted to leave.

They don’t want to get back in the same relationship they just left.

There’s too much pain there, too much hurt, too much resentment.

You’re reminding them of the reasons they left in the first place. They feel bad around you and that’s why they want out.

So how could you possibly get them back if you don’t have your history to fall back on?

Start dating again. From step 1.

The rules you must follow to keep him interested?

1. Stop all sexual activities immediately! 

Having sex with them might temporarily make you feel better and closer, but once the orgasms are out of the way for the night, what do you have?

Unfortunately, it’s VERY easy for a man to move you from a “real relationship” to a “just a hookup” category.

For most men, if you’re just a hookup to him, it’s hard for him to think of you as more.

Instead, you want to connect with him EMOTIONALLY and get his primal drive CRAVING you before you get physically intimate with him again.

Physical intimacy will destroy this craving, release the tension and longing you need to keep so that he feels like he can’t get enough of you.

2. Stop begging them back.

This only makes them feel like they can do better than you and, makes you look pathetic, to be honest. Some people may go out of their way to prove their love and commitment by buying extravagant gifts, trips and planning dinners. This may seem like a good idea but rarely works and only makes you look desperate to get them back.

You are trying to get them to think that this is something brand new and different than what they left in the first place.

But, remember that history you have with them? Well, here’s where it comes in handy.

If they have been in love with you once, it’s FAR EASIER to make them fall deeper in love with you a second time.

When you combine a fresh start with deep, powerful emotions, you end up having an unfair advantage over new people that they start dating.

They’ll see you in a whole new light and forget about any pain, challenges, and worries that plagued your relationship.

They’ll start pursuing YOU, investing in YOU, and trying to convince YOU that you should get back together.

You want them to feel like they lost someone amazing.

They literally CAN’T feel that way if you’re begging them to be with you.

Make them feel like they made a HUGE mistake for breaking up with you in the first place.

BUT… you must do this in an attractive way.

It’s understandable that most people would try to get their ex back by getting them back into the same one they had before without realizing that the ex doesn’t want to go back.

They want something new and different.

You need a complete relationship wipeout and restart.

You know them well enough to figure out how to reignite that spark for the second time.

Forget the past. Start fresh.

Warning: Don’t get sucked back in with an ex just because of the good sex! Get yourself a bang buddy to forget about your ex or better yet, seduce yourself!

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