‘Bro’dellos: The Feminist Sexpert Explores the Concept of Brothels for Women

Photo by Tara Winstead from Pexels

What’s a ‘Bro’dello?

We as women have come a long way, Baby–and, in doing so, we’ve learned so many new ways to come!

Back in the 1960s, when men got to enjoy their own nifty little sexual revolution, women basically served coffee at the event. At that time, no one could imagine the concept of male exotic dancers who catered to women, femme porn, women’s literary erotica, and male companions for women. Yet with the 1970s came the Chippendales and LaBare, with the 1980s came the release of the film American Gigolo and the arrival of a number of exotic male companions who catered to women. And throughout these decades, women’s written erotica has become a multimillion dollar industry–and, finally, the porn industry is catching up.

Yet in the world of women’s sexual liberation, we have one final frontier to conquer: the male brothel for women. Or, as the Feminist Sexpert would very much prefer to call them, brodellos!

Many people still insist that ladies are simply not interested in the concept. This despite the fact that a number of popular romances have concerned the topic of ‘houses of pleasure’ directed at women; from Kathryn Harvey’s Butterfly (1989) to Lynne Kaufman’s Slow Hands (2003) to my own Under Cover of the Night (2008)–as has a popular femme porn film, Inpulse’s Erection Services (see what they did there, Folks?).

Around 2010, some concrete plans were set into motion to at least integrate male employees into the staff rosters of legal brothels in Nevada. Yet these facilities reported low turnout among female customers, and folks jumped to the conclusion that, while they might see male companions in private, women simply weren’t interested in going out in public and seeking erotic pleasure at public facilities. Um, have these folks ever been to a male strip show? A swingers club? A showing of Magic Mike?

I believe that a legal, ethical male brothel for woman is a workable business model–one that is not without precedent. At least two of these establishments have found great success in South Africa, for example. Yet it must be done right. Read on as The Feminist Sexpert tells you how to run a safe and successful “Brodello” for Women!!

1. The Brodello Must Be an Establishment that Offers Men Only for Women Only

Many women are not going to feel safe or comfortable venturing alone into a brothel teeming with men in search of female providers. They need to step into a safe space shared with and hopefully operated by other women, staffed by a wide selection of beautiful, respectful men devoted to their pleasure. 

2. The Brodello Must Be Ethically Operated.

Like any business establishment, the ‘bro’thel should be ethically and legally operated, with absolutely no abuse, human trafficking, dangerous working conditions, secret filming, or disrespect allowed.

3. The Brodello Must Be Beautiful

A classically designed home would be the best setting, designed in a feminine style and clean-lined, attractive manner. Fantasy suites would also be a plus. Want to dress up as a female gladiator or empress, while lots of inordinately handsome servants and harem dudes dance to your attendance? Go ‘head. The Feminist Sexpert won’t judge.

4. The Brodello Must Be Secure.

All staff members should undergo a complete screening prior to their hiring, to ensure that they are safe and healthy, discreet and gentle. By the same token, a staff member should always have the discretion to end an appointment if they feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

From the pages of erotic books to the frames of adult films, brothels for women have existed for years in the dark corners of the female imagination. Yet, with any and all things related to female sexuality, it’s time for the ‘brodello’ concept to see the light of night!




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