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Sex educator, writer and sex coach, Elle Chase gained her sex ed certification from the prestigious San Francisco Sex Information Sex Educator Training Program. She is best known as the creator, curator & editor of two award-winning and highly trafficked sexuality websites; (NSFW), and its companion editorial site Last year, was named one of's ‘The Best of Tumblr Porn’ and LA Weekly chose as 'Best Sex Blog" for their Best of the Web Awards 2013. Elle is a sought after voice in the sexual health community, and has been interviewed as a sex education expert for; the TODAY SHOW on NBC, TODAY Parents, The Huffington Post, Men's Health UK, Women's Health UK and The Toronto Sun and has been a guest on highly rated podcasts like; Tristan Taormino’s 'Sex Out Loud,' Nerdist Industries: Sex Nerd Sandra Podcast and Playboy Radio's 'In Bed with jessica drake.' Also a freelance writer focusing on sex, sexual health and body image, Elle's work has appeared in/on:,,, The Frisky,, and XBIZ, Premiere. Her erotica was published in last years, “The Big Book of Orgasms: 69 Sexy Stories” edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel and next year will be included in Kristina Wright's erotica anthology "For Play." In addition, at the end of this year Elle, along with the legendary Candida Royalle, will be one of four women featured in a Canadian Broadcasting Company documentary called ’Inside Her Sex,' by Sheona McDonald, about women, sex, and shame. Elle speaks at colleges & universities (most recently at UCLA), has participated in sexuality panels or co-presented sessions/classes on body image and sexuality at conferences around the country, including; CatalystCon East and West, 2013 Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit, and the 46th Annual AASECT Conference. As the Education Coordinator & Lead Sex Educator at the Los Angeles Academy of Sex Education, she curates and oversees many classes and workshops a month, on sexuality, sexual health and sexual lifestyles for the Academy, serving the community at large.

Quickie Sex Tip – Find A Condom That Fits!

Condoms shouldn’t be uncomfortable. Just like shoes, condoms are as comfortable as they fit. Try out different brands and sizes until you find one that fits you well.

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Book Review: Ernest Greene’s “Master of O”

I read a lot of erotica. A lot. I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to the crafting of a delicious sexy story and therefore, I’m very hard to please. In addition, BDSM is admittedly not my oeuvre, and I am usually looking at the ceiling and twirling my hair around my finger when there is any discussion of it, yet … after reading the foreword by the author with insight as to his first experience reading the classic “Story of O,” well it had me more than intrigued.

Ernest Greene has spun a tale of instinctive, un-erasable sexual predilections and the lengths to which we will go to gratify its relentless scraping at our deepest id. Greene has re-imagined what was once the definitive story of “master & slave” into something more contemporary, savant, and in my humble opinion, more erotically entertaining and indulgent of the sybaritic senses than the original. Even though the world of BDSM had not been tantalizing to me, I was rapt within the sensual gluttony, so expertly woven within this compelling story, that it became a frequent theme of my sexual fantasies.

If one of the purposes of art (to put it simplistically) is to challenge the viewer an with an experience they wouldn’t normally be privy to, and then perhaps forever affect the way they perceive, even just a little bit, then Ernest Greene has created a work of art, as I am forever changed by the reading of “Master of O.”

I highly recommend the “Master of O” to anyone who is even slightly curious to peek into a world different from their own, as well as anyone who just wants a good, hot, explosively sexy read.

“Master of O” is available on Kindle at

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Lelo Ora Sex Stimulator: Review by Lady Cheeky


By Elle Chase  |  9/18/14

What Is This “ORA” That You Speak Of?:

Earlier this year, Lelo stepped into challenging territory by producing and marketing one of the most demanding of all orgasm invokers the oral sex simulator. I couldn’t wait to try this, I mean oral sex is my favorite thing ever, to give and receive. But like a jilted lover I was skeptical. I’ve been promised oral sex by companies before, and was not just let down, but let down hard. Even so, some of my doubts were alleviated by the fine Lelo pedigree and reputation for high quality. Surely, they had their best people on the job and wouldn’t release it unless it tested well right?

How It Works:

The Lelo Ora is certainly a pretty piece of work. Round and sleek with a hole that fits about 2 fingers, the stainless steel inner ring, compliments the indigo of the high-grade silicone outer surface. The operating area of the Ora is a flat indented patch on the bottom of the toy. It’s almost a false bottom, as the indentation hides a small “nub” (like a bead), which, when in use, circles the outer edge of the indentation under a swath of thin silicone.  The Ora’s controls are standard Lelo fare; a “+” for higher vibration, a “-“ for less, and a power/pattern button in the middle… pretty intuitive. When turned on, the nub moves around the indentation while the rest of the piece vibrates (you can turn off the vibration). There are 10 configurations of vibration patterns, some of which have the nub going in the opposite direction.


Like all Lelo toys the Ora is a chic, pretty lil thing, that could at once be a modern art sculpture or just as easily, a cocktail ring for a Tellietubbie. Art is so subjective.  The Ora vibration is strong for those that like a powerful punch and has a nice rumbly low for the more sensitive user. It charges pretty quickly, it’s waterproof and the packaging is beautiful.


Where do I begin? Because the main component (and the whole point) of this oral sex simulator happens to be inset (the tip of the circling nub is actually flush with the bottom of the toy), even grazing your clit is practically impossible, unless your clit happens to live outside your labial folds.  In fact, in order to get Ora-to-clit contact, one must press the Ora, with all their might, into one’s clitoris. But, even with this uncomfortable move, you need the help of your other hand to get to the holy land. Only by pulling back the flesh on your mons while using your fingers to spread the top of your labia apart a bit, can the Ora even access the clitoris. In the end, when all of this is accomplished the little circling nub is so slow (the nub has only one speed) and anemic that it might as well not exist then you cry.

So to Summarize …

I gave it a good go. I tried the Ora about 4 times, each time gave me the same result. Constantly vexed at every turn to use this toy as it was intended, I eventually just stopped trying, and used the damn thing as a clitoral vibe at least that way I was able to get off.

I’m usually generous when it comes to reviewing toys, as I know that everyone’s body and turn-on is different. But I’m pretty confident, if you’re in the market for an oral sex simulator and you get an Ora, you’re going to be pretty P.O.’d that you plopped down more than a hundred large for your basic clitoral vibe. Lelo has much better options in that department and you’ll see my three faves below.

To see Elle’s three faves, click here for the original review on her site!

Are You Waiting For Someone To ‘Give’ You An Orgasm?

In this fast food culture, women’s sexual release is often relegated to the back of the bus.  Nowhere is this more evident than in the female orgasm and how it’s attained.

As a woman who went on a sexual discovery journey I learned a few things on the way about orgasms in general and orgasms for women specifically. For instance, an orgasm should be thought of  not as the climax of a specific act, but should include the act itself. Candice Holdorf, columnist for The Orgasmic Life and elephant journal has a definition of orgasm that really resonated with me. Candice explains:

“… orgasm is pulsing breath of life that births every moment. Orgasm is the chilly tickle on the edge of my skin as my lover draws his tongue from the edge of my ear to the tip of my nipple. It’s the warm flush in my face and genitals when I reveal a taboo desire.  It is the fire of my hunger and the blazing force that opens me to pleasure.”

This definition of orgasm refers to all-encompassing act where a woman can fully take advance of and surrender to all the pleasures that lead up to her climax. But how can we achieve this heightened state?

Give Yourself Permission

I’m not being patronizing. As women we do it all, we are breadwinners, mothers, students, career women and a lot more. We do so much for others on a daily basis that we sometimes forget that it is just as important (if not more so) to nurture ourselves with as much care. When you are in the position to be receiving an orgasm, whether it’s by yourself or with a partner, take a moment to recognize that this is your time. Give yourself permission to accept the love and the pleasure that comes with such an intimate act. Relax into the moment with deep breaths and stilling your mind. Concentrate on how your partner is touching you (or you are touching yourself.) Allow the glorious feelings that come with this directed touch to reverberate within and use it as an opportunity to connect on a deeper level with yourself and/or your partner i.e. your needs, your pleasure zones, your relaxation.  This is a time to connect intimately with your partner and even with yourself.

Let Your Senses Guide You

Your senses are your best friend in orgasm, they communicate with you by their degree of intensity. Don’t forget about them and let them happen. Pay attention to what they are telling you. Do you get goose bumps when she flicks her tongue on your belly button? Do you get wet when he kisses your neck? Do you flinch with pleasure when you massage your mons? Your body’s various levels of response to certain stimulation is information about how you like to cum and it’s not all physical either. What your partner whispers in your ear can lead to a visceral response as well. Even the music you play or pure silence punctuated with your own breathing and moans could be something that excites you. Whatever it is, make note of it and communicate it with your partner later (or show him by moans and groans while he’s doing it) or if flying solo, make a mental note for yourself for next time.

Set The Stage

Respect the time you’ve set aside for orgasm and make certain you don’t inadvertently set yourself up to fail.  If you’re anxiously awaiting a call from work in an hour, chances are you won’t be able to fully relax into your body and be present. Make sure you honor this time and set the stage for an intimate and sexy rendezvous with yourself and/or your partner. Do candles get you in the mood? Light ‘em up! Does Enya make you feel sultry? Pop her in the iPod. Maybe you feel sexy naked or like to lounge about in just a bra? Perhaps you like to be in the dark or in a freshly made bed? Whatever it is, don’t be stingy. This is YOUR time and you should make it count.

Try Something New and Different

Something I have been interested in exploring lately is Orgasmic Meditation, or “OMing” for short. OMing is a mindfulness practice where the object of focus is the clitoris. Developed by Nicole Daedone, author of Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm, OMing is an exercise done in its entirety with a partner (although it can be practiced on one’s own) and promotes the slow massaging of the clitoris and surrounding vulva. The apparent result is a blissfully languorous indulgence for the woman where all attention is placed on making her feel good, becoming more intimately connected as a couple as well as extending the “sensory peak” that precedes climax. As someone who likes to practice what she preaches, this is my new “taking charge of my own orgasm” goal. Having explored many different ways to achieve a diverse fare of orgasms, I look forward to trying this practice and reporting back my results. Wish me luck!

All in all, the basic message here is to remain open and self-aware. Men and women both deserve to take advantage of all the pleasure human body is capable of. Besides being enjoyable, orgasm is a natural and free way to achieve stress relief, a built-in mood equalizer and just plain fun! Explore your potential and allow yourself the freedom to come … and come … and come!