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Sexpert.com Writer’s Guidelines

Thank you for your interest at becoming a contributor to Sexpert.com!

We are so excited to add you to our TEAM!

Below you will find our Writer’s Guidelines for writing awesome, well-researched, properly formatted posts, as well as linking policies, creating a source references as an end note, how to add a table of contents and how to properly attribute images.

General Writing Tips

Your submission is more likely to be published if:

  • It is passionate, well-written, quirky, humorous, educational, fun and well-researched (with references).
  • Covers an original topic in 600-1000 words or more. If the article is a guide it can be up to 6000 words.
  • The topic should cover sexy, sexual, and sex advice even if it is an article on relationships. While other advice is cool to add, don’t forget we are a Sexuality Educational e-zine for adults!
  • Has a great title [H1]. Keep title length to under 4 words if possible!
  • A short opening paragraph that describes what the article is about (SEO friendly, using title key words).
  • Has short paragraphs to break up the space. Please avoid long run-on complicated sentences and paragraphs.
  • Is broken into subheadings [H2, H3, H4…]
  • Uses keywords and titles that are search engine friendly.
  • Is broken up by other visual media content including images, videos, infographics, diagrams, etc…
  • While we prefer original content, we will published previously published content. Please cite where it has been published before at the end of the article.
  • When submitting to Sexpert as a contributor: The use of photos and videos must be owned by you, licensed to you or proof that you can use the image without obtaining permission. We require credit given to image maker or photographer as well.


  • Articles must be your own work and you own the copyright. By submitting your work you certify that it is not plagiarized.
  • Not Hateful. Cannot victimize, harass, or degrade any individual or group. Cannot contain racist, homophobic, classist, sexist, or otherwise hateful content.
  • Not Illegal. Cannot promote illegal, unsafe, or unhealthy behaviors.
  • No pornography. Including graphic photos and or explicit nudity.
  • No external links may be used (You may provide the URL to your sources, but please add these to the end of your article as UNLINKED references.)
  • Make sure to reference all sources used in your article as an endnote and include it (e.g. books, quotes, research studies, website URLs). Please see guidelines on how to cite sources in the end of the document in useful links.
  • We have the right to edit and publish the content. We may do minor editing to your articles (e.g. typos, punctuation, etc.), but we will always preserve the nature and tone of your work.
  • We have the right to remove and/or modify content at any time, at our discretion, without notifying you.

Your Writer’s Bio

You will need to submit your writer’s bio to our editor so we can add you as an author to the site.

  • We need your sign up email.
  • User name or pseudonym.
  • A short bio.
  • Link to your site or social media.
  • An image of you. If you don’t want to show your face, that’s fine. Be creative and take a weird body shot.

Send to [[email protected]]

How to Submit

  • Once you sign up as a contributor, you will be added to the Sexpert Admin as an “Author” and can copy & paste your article into posts.
  • You writer’s bio, image and a link to your site will be automatically added at the end of your post in the writer’s bio box.
  • Please edit your article for grammar & spelling, add end notes, featured images, supporting images and any other visual media content.
  • Once your submission is polished and perfect, save it as a draft.
  • Notify our editors so they can edited it if needed, and schedule it for publication.

Please note: We read every submission we receive but we are a small staff and sometimes can’t respond right away. If your post has been accepted, we will respond within 7 days with next steps for moving forward. Thank you!

How to Format Posts

  • Please make sure you format posts accordingly.
  • Add Headers [H1, H2, H3, H4].
  • Break up paragraphs with images and other media.
  • Add a Featured Image.
  • Cite image source underneath the image. Featured image sources go at the end of the article, IE: “Featured image by (Photographers Name) at (Site). If you are getting images for Pixabay or other sites like this, you can copy the citing text and paste below image or in the “Caption” box. Text should be centered.
  • If the article is long as has more than 5 headers, a Table of Contents will be automatically added once published.
  • For references add a number in the text where you are referencing the source, then add source to the end of the post under References.
  • All links should open in a new window and need to use target=”_blank” in the HTML.


“This study say women love to have sex.”1

1. Jane Doe. Study about women and sex. Women and Sex Journal. [URL of site]. Date if available.

Featured Photos for Articles, Videos and Podcasts:

  • Authors should add images and other media to the post.
  • All images must be public domain and royalty free!!! See places to source images below in links.
  • If you have an image you would like to use for a particular post:
  • You must own the rights to the image.
  • The image must be high quality and at least 600-1000 pixels wide.
  • No nudity, animals, or children.
  • No text, offensive content or symbols.
  • You must be able to offer a proof of ownership / licensing if we should request it
  • The Sexpert Media Editorial Team has final say on any images used on Sexpert.com.
  • Once your content goes live on Sexpert.com, the photos will not be changed unless it is at the discretion of the Sexpert Media team.


You can add youtube or vimeo videos to your articles as well. Just add the video link where you would like it to appear, and our editors will embed it into the article.

Properly Citing Resources in End Notes

All articles need to be properly cited with references!!!

Please check out the following links on how to add end notes to your article:

How to Cite a Source- https://www.wikihow.com/Cite-Sources (Please note, citations should be added to the end of the article as an endnote.)

Sexpert Contributor Agreement

Welcome to the Sexpert.com Contributor Family!

By submitting your content to Sexpert.com, you acknowledge that you will respect and agree to our site terms explained below.


Sexpert.com does not ask for nor retain exclusive rights to any work. You may publish your piece elsewhere, though we would prefer you wait 60 days to do so. We request the right to publish, post, display, copy, and distribute your work on our website indefinitely. We also reserve the licensing right to excerpt your content for use in marketing materials, providing that we credit you and/or the original author, and to make minor modifications to the content for technical or editorial reasons.

Sexpert.com ask for 1st exclusive rights on publishing your original unpublished content when available. If you wish you publish your content elsewhere, after it has been published on Sexpert.com we ask that you inform us that the content is no longer exclusive to Sexpert.com. You are also responsible for providing canonical links back to the Sexpert.com so the content can be properly sourced and referenced.

For Previously published work, please let us know where the article was published before, and add it to the end of your post.

Your content may be selected to be featured on another Partner site by editorial staff (with your permission).


At this time, we can provide no compensation for your submission other than the credit of your name being published on Sexpert.com with many other prestigious sexperts. However, you do have the opportunity to make money as an affiliate promoting our educational products.


All submissions will be reviewed by our editorial staff and edited as needed.

Sexpert.com reserves the right to review and edit work before publishing, for accuracy, validity, length, spelling, grammar, style, and clarity.

Personal Information

You must provide your full, real name for our publishing agreement, but you may publish your content under a different pseudonym.

Your personal information will never be released to any third party.


You must certify that you are at least 18 years of age and considered an adult.


Sexpert.com does not assume responsibility for any information submitted by contributors or readers. By submitting any work, each contributor is stating they have properly followed all legal rules and regulations for writing and publishing.

By submitting your work to us, you guarantee that your submission is your own work, and that you are liable for its content. We will not tolerate libel, plagiarism, or copyright infringement. You certify by submitting content to Sexpert.com that your content does not violate any copyright, trademark, trade secret or other intellectual property right and does not invade any individual’s right of privacy or publicity.


Sexpert.com may use advertising, affiliate links, or other promotions from sponsors around the site including Ads, CTAs, sponsored posts and articles, links and images.


Please read and agree to our Privacy Policy HERE.

Terms of Use

Please read and agree to our entire Terms of Use HERE.


Got Questions? Contact Us:

Tamara Bell, Editor-in-chief: [email protected]

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