Kinkly’s Sex Blogging Superheroes 2017 Announced!

I love sex bloggers, and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to call them superheroes since they bring vital, accurate information about sexuality to the Internet, a much needed antidote to the masses of misinformation out there. That’s why I decided to sponsor the Kinkly contest this year through my Loveology University®, where I certify people in love and sex.

The winners of Kinkly’s Sex Blogging Superheroes Contest 2017 were just announced today! And I’m so proud to share them with you. Part of the LU prizes include scholarships to my Love Coach, Master Sexpert and Relationship Expert programs, and a presence right here on! Meanwhile, here are the sparkling personalities you need to be following in 2017 and beyond! The winners are….

Overall Winner – Sunny Megatron

Sunny already sounds like a superhero with her mega-watt name, and she lives up to it with her treasure trove of sex education in many different categories, putting on sell-out workshops around the world. Here on, she’s written about kinky massage, BDSM for beginners, how to stage a BDSM scene and much more. She hosts the American Sex Podcast with Ken Melvoin-Berg and the Showtime television series Sex with Sunny Megatron. Her sunny personality (pun intended) shines through everything she does with a contagious enthusiasm for human sexuality. She makes people feel good about their desires and offers them a safe space to explore – never judging, always encouraging and educating. I think it’s a no-brainer to pick Sunny as Kinkly’s Overall Winner!

The Reader’s Choice Award

This year’s reader’s choice award goes to Ruby Ryder, a new face for me – and I love what I see. She’s a sex podcaster, sex educator, speaker, and author of a lot of juicy pegging erotica, which she publishes on her steamy blog at She also has a separate website for pegging education which tells you all about how and why to do it, addressing any fears or anatomical questions. I’m looking forward to meeting Ruby!

Top New Sex Blog of 2017

Oh’Gush is the Top New Sex Blog winner, and the founder Rose is all about female ejaculation! I have a whole course at LU about the G-spot, so I certainly believe this is a topic worthy of its own beautifully written blog! Rose’s ongoing personal squirting experience is impressive, and she encourages women to feel empowered by their ability. I look forward to the evolution of this blog – whether she’s investigating the latest G-spot research, or giving squirting tips, I think we’re all going to learn something!

Top Sex Toy Review Blog of 2017

I am not surprised that Oh Joy Sex Toy is the Top Sex Toy Review Blog of 2017 because it’s just so much fun! Whenever I see their new posts, I always click because their comic book graphic style is so cool and original. It makes you want to read. Then when you dive in, you realize that Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan also really know what they’re talking about. Not only do they offer cutting edge toy reviews, they’ve also got the sex education content to back it up. They update every Tuesday, and I highly recommend you check them out!

Top Erotica Blog of 2017

Well written erotica is so good at getting the juices flowing that I often suggest it to my clients to open up their sexuality if they’re feeling uninspired. Now I know I can send them to Ella Scandal, this year’s Top Erotica Blogger of 2017. The erotica section of her website has a wide variety of genres including Fetish, Orgy, Threesome, Dear Diary – and my personal favorite – Speed Reads! That’s where she gets right down to the ‘good part’ right away for those people who need a quickie with themselves. Based in the UK, she writes almost all the fiction herself (impressive!) and also reviews toys. Congratulations Ella!

Top Sex Blog For/By Men

Josh Robbins at has been named the Top Sex Blog For & By Men, and with good reason. He’s shining a light on living with HIV and spreading the word of sex education and activism around the world, doing Ted talks and contributing to many high profile publications around the world. He says he likes posts that are ‘a little spicy’ and cites MTVnews and Joel Osteen as his style mashup, and indeed when you go to his site, you definitely get an edu-taining experience with all the latest sex and activism news. Congrats Josh Robbins, an inspiring sex blogger on a mission to banish the stigma of living with HIV, among many other worthy and interesting topics.

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