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On this Reddit Hotwife list, you will find the best hotwife subreddits, as well as descriptions of each group, their rules and content.

Reddit Hotwife is A Hot (wife) Topic!

reddit hotwifeI have written about the hotwife lifestyle trend before in my article Hotwifing Versus Cuckolding: The Epic Guide to Hot Wife and Cuckold Relationships, as well as my dive into Google search results for the term “hotwife” in: Hotwife or Hot Wife? – The Ultimate Guide to Hotwifing.

In the last article I suggested a few places where you can find other hotwife enthusiasts, and Reddit, is one of the best places IMHO to find a variety of Reddit Hotwife related lifestyle groups (or subreddits as they are called) that cater to hotwife fetishists, as well as real people who are actually in the lifestyle.

So, here are my picks for the Best Reddit Hotwife Subreddits to Check Out.

Reddit Hotwife Subreddits or Groups

These Reddit hotwife groups are sorted by subscriber count or the most popular subreddits.

r/hotwife (Reddit Hotwife)

One of the most popular of the Reddit Hotwife and most likely the original, r/Hotwife is mainly for sharing original photos of hotwives and their lovers (aka fuck buddies). You will find photos, animated gifs as well as links to videos here. No solo content allowed, content must be original, and you need to be verified to post. So, if you are not a hotwife, bull or husband sharing content of your hotwife having sex, then you will need to live vicariously through the threads of others. Weekends is for amateurs only. Content is graphic porn (NSFW).

Subscribers: 789k


This Reddit Hotwife group is for sharing original NSFW photos and videos of couples, with a big emphasis on sharing real stories. The majority of content I saw here were solo posts of hotwifes posing for the camera, either scantly dressed or nude, in various erotic and revealing poses and selfies. Most were anonymous type body shots only or with faces censored. Again, you must be verified to post, but you don’t need to be a hotwife to comment.

Subscribers: 659k


Would You Fuck My Wife Reddit? Well, yes I would! The purpose of this subreddit, which is obvious by the title, is for husbands to share photos of their hotwives, then other users can comment or like the thread. Wives are not allowed to post their own pics. Guys have to have permission to post their wives photos, so not creeping or revenge porn. Verification required. Again, content is NSFW, lots of nudes as well as seductive clothing shots. A few porn pics.

Subscribers: 562k


This Reddit Hotwife group is for the hottest and sluttiest of hotwifes, but looks like anyone can post here as no verification is required, and you don’t need to post original content, although there is an original thread. Mainly solo photos of hotwives, and lots of snapchat images showing the models user names, some videos. The image quality on this subreddit is not as good as the previous ones, and really, the images I saw where not the hottest or sluttiest of the subreddits. NSFW.

Subscribers: 461k


This subreddit is for pics of screenshots of hotwife sexting, or reddit hotwife texts, not general hotwifing photos or porn. Why? Why not?! While the majority of the pics are of texting screenshots, a few videos and nudey photos have creeped into the content, as well as a lot of memes. While I personally don’t see the attraction, it does seem to be a popular subreddit, even more popular than r/hotwifevideos below. Perhaps people get excitement from sharing proof of their hotwifing accomplishments? Hotwife texts reddit. No rules here.

Subscribers: 116k


Hot Wife Lifestyle is for stories and discussions pertaining to the hotwife lifestyle, sans images. It is a much smaller group than the ones that allow porn and images, but still, lots of posts and worthy of checking out. Here you will find lots of erotica hotwifing stories as well as wives and couples talking about their experiences and advice requests for how to get into the lifestyle. Adult, but SFW (no images). Reddit hotwife text      .

Subscribers: 102k


As the title suggests, this Reddit Hotwife subreddit is for hotwives and couples who are seeking extramarital partners for her, and bulls seeking hot wives to fuck, to post their Ads. Again, verification is a must, and you must share your age, gender, role and location. This group is great for those in the hotwife lifestyle who are seeking quick hookups, or longterm fuck buddies, either in your own town or while traveling. A photo of yourself must accompany every post, and adding additional information about yourself, such as what you are looking for, your kinks, limits, and experience in the lifestyle are encouraged, however you are nOT allowed to post personal content info. Lots of cocks pics and nudes of women, so obs NSFW.

Subscribers: 91k


If you are looking for mainly hotwife porn videos, then this would be the subreddit for you.  All videos, not pics, although animated gifs are okay as long as they move. All posts must contain or link to video content. No verification required. Adults only and NSFW.

Subscribers: 87.3k


You can find hotwife captions here and memes, and you can also request to have captions added to your original photos. The only rules are no cuckold content, and no racially offensive content. It mainly consists of hotwife pics with captions on it. Most of the pics are models nude and clothed with captions starting with “Honey…”, but a few look like real original images.

Subscribers: 83.4k


This group is specifically for advice on the Hotwife lifestyle. Open to couples, hotwives, bulls and stags (husbands), or just curious seekers to ask questions, share answers or get feedback from the community. The content must Hotwife content only, about the lifestyle or experience. No cuckold content allowed. No verification required. Text threads only, no images. Has a lot of thread asking for advice and a few moderators who I assume answers the questions as well as other members.

Subscribers: 3.0k


While this is not exactly a hotwife group (as this group doesn’t require consent and therefore is not a true ENM group), I still thought it was very close to the hotwife theme, so added it. Here you will find fantasies pertaining to wives who cheat on their husbands. Mainly solo photo of women by cheating wives including nudes and sex videos. The cheating wives who post must be verified. They don’t allow cuckold content and no solo dick pics either.

Subscribers: 293k

Other Reddit Hotwife Groups:

There are lots of other subreddits on the topic of the cuckold, as well as swingers, threesomes, Ethical Non-monogamy (ENM), and related groups, but I wanted to keep this post solely about Reddit Hotwife groups. So, I will compile a list of those for a later date.

Reddit Hotwife Questions?

Are you into the hotwife fetish or lifestyle? Do you frequent hot wife sites, other than Reddit Hotwife? Do you own a hotwife site?

If so, I am putting together a comprehensive list of the top hotwife sites on the net. If you know one, or think your site is one, then add your links in the comments below and I’ll check them out. If you are lucky, you may be added to the list, which will then be voted on by readers. The top voted for sites will be included in my Ultimate Toplists of Hotwife Sites, and will also get a Sexpert Hotwife badge for their site! How cool is that?

Please not, we can’t link to porn sites, or sites with excessive nudity on the from page. So don’t add them. Also, no onlyfans type sites, or sites that require a login or paid membership. Don’t submit them. I am looking for hotwife bloggers, information sites, pic sites are okay if they are mostly clothed (sexy is okay, full frontal nudity is not). Okay, get it?

Comment away!

PS: We like friends! 😊

~ The End ~

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