General Hospital’s Jackie Zeman with Dr. Ava Cadell on Sex Drive Radio

There’s nothing better than doing a radio show with your best friend and Jackie was so much fun to work and play with, that I have the greatest memories of us cohosting together.  

Our online Talk show was called “SEX DRIVE RADIO” and it was on four nights a week, a live call-in show about love, relationships, intimacy, and sex, so listeners could ask Jackie and I anything they wanted to, and we were ready to help with our frank advice. Jackie’s persona was more romantic, so she answered the relationship questions with ease. After all, she played Nurse ‘Bobbie Spencer’ on ABC’s “General Hospital and her character had many lovers and marriages. She became one of the most visible and likeable actresses on network television. I handled the more personal questions about intimacy and sex since I have a doctorate in human sexuality.

We even did a TV pilot with producer Mary Madeiras based on our radio show, and in each episode, one lucky caller received a Love Intervention from us. We helped them with their relationship dilemmas with our ‘no holds barred’ approach to love and romance. It was so much fun working together that we decided to spend more time socially and ended up traveling and even living together for a while.

After more than a decade of friendship and more than 5,000 episodes as nurse ‘Bobbie Spencer’ my beautiful friend Jackie Zeman passed away on May 10th just a couple of months after her 70th Birthday on March 6th. My heart is filled with sorrow as I miss her bright light, positive energy, sense of humor and infectious laugh.

I know that in the soap and entertainment world, Jackie Zeman was a superstar, but she was also a loyal friend, a loving mother and grandmother and her legacy will live on in the hearts of many beloved friends, family, and fans.

Jackie and I enjoyed doing live interviews on our show with special guests that we both liked and admired, such as Mariel Hemmingway, Steven Bauer and Patty Stanger, the Millionaire Matchmaker. Below is a link to our show with Patty and I hope you will enjoy hearing Jackie’s positive energy.



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