Wednesday, July 29, 2015
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What a great idea to have a Sexual Health Expo (SHE) dedicated to uncovering the ins and outs of sexual health, relationships, intimacy and sexual pleasure for adults of all sexual orientations. Located at the upscale Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills, and taking place January 17-18, 2015, it was the place to discover new sensual products, gain expert sex education and have fun at cocktail parties!

The SHE Conference Awards were hosted by sexperts Emily Morse and Reid Mihalko for the best of the best in sexual health. Yours truly was ecstatic to win Sexpert of the Year!

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Jimmyjane was proud to be the presenting sponsor of SHE Expo, the first event of its kind, putting a stylish touch on sexuality. Featuring today’s leaders in sex, intimacy and romance, with other exhibitors like We-Vibe, Passionate Playground, The Pleasure Chest, Maia Toys, AVE Concept, Sybian, pjur Med, The Sex Game, Crave, Liberator, Fleshlight, De Rose International, Mr. Nori Magic Gel, Kama Sutra, Peekay, Sex with Emily, Alexander Institute, Eye of Love, Bazaar Boutique, Destiny Candle, Karen Michelle and Bathmate.

I made it my mission to connect with as many of them as possible to bring you the latest products to enhance your sex life.

The Sybian

My first stop was to meet Bunny at the Sybian booth, who explained how the vibrating massaging movement can take a woman from 1 to 10 on a pleasure scale within a matter of moments. I was impressed and wanted to take one home with me, but so did everyone else including Luc Wilder and his lovely partner Alexandra Silk, both sex surrogates. If you want to get the Lamborghini of sex toys, check out their website for some testimonials and a video demonstration of this multi-orgasmic machine.

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Revel Body

Revel Body founder and CEO Robin Elenga invented the revolutionary Revel Body, the world’s first sonic premium vibrator with quiet powerful waterproof vibration. This is the first sex toy with Om vibration and underwater suction and I can’t wait to try mine out in the bathtub. This month is giving a Revel Body away to the lucky winner of our raffle. For everyone else, I highly recommend that you buy yours for Valentine’s Day.

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I was seduced by a lovely couple who were demonstrating massage gel like I had never seen before. Joel and his lovely wife Cariel told me that it was for Nuru Massage, which is a full body-to-body sensual massage (FBSM) that is performed between two nude people with a unique type of wet massage gel that they created called MagicGel. Then they showed me their Nuru Massage Gel Air Matress, a thick comfortable bed that you can use so that you don’t get your bed sheets wet. Such a good idea! They gave me my own supply of Nuru gel, which I’m looking forward to using, but you can get yours and watch the sexy video demo.

Nuru Massage

The We-Vibe 4 Plus

Tori Parker was proud to hold the SHE Award for Best Sex Toy for Couples, one of many awards that the We-Vibe has been honored with since their conception back when inventors Bruce and Melody were on a mission. They founded Standard Innovation Corporation and Bruce dedicated himself to the enormous task of creating a safe, high quality, eco-friendly sexual aid that enhances the lovemaking experience for couples. Many years and thousands of design iterations later, the ideal solution was found.The result is the patented, silicone-encased, worn while making love We-Vibe. The arm between the two vibrating ends is perfectly proportioned, with just the right amount of flex and slenderness to hold the We-Vibe gently in place, while leaving plenty of room for him to slide inside and share the pleasure. I’m proud to say that I was a supporter of the first We-Vibe but this one takes the cake!

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Pjur Lubricant

Pjur was a Gold Sponsor at the Sexual Health Expo and nominated for two SHE Awards! The premium lubricant company has been nominated in the categories “Best Sex Enhancement Product” and “Best Sexual Health Product for Women” and this good-looking couple represented the company with class and charisma as they offered free samples. Check out their website for specialty lubes for him and her.

Pjur Lube


San Francisco start-up Crave has launched a vibrator that can be worn as a necklace and charged via a USB port on a computer. Co-founded by entrepreneur Michael Topolovac and Royal College of Artgraduate Ti Chang, Crave created the Vesper vibrator as a design-focused stimulator rather than a novelty item. Needless to say, I had to have my own vibrating necklace, but you can get your modern, elegant, functional, pleasure jewelry for yourself or as a memorable gift.

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Inventor and CEO, Deborah Semer looks happy here, as she has designed a safe place for passionate consumers to have a storage solution for their ‘toys’ after she realized no such product existed in the multibillion-dollar adult retail industry. The portable Playtray is an internal Joyboxx divider & gives you a place to set your toy immediately after use, like a sex toy coaster, then transport to the sink, wash and let it dry on Playtray without touching any household surfaces.  I got my own JoyBoxx for our next Sexpert raffle, but you can get yours at

She shared the booth and photo with Lusty letter founder, who created a gift giving company that provides a positively naughty line of greeting cards.

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Kama Sutra Products

A leader in luxury romance products, Kama Sutra products have such elegant packaging that you can even find them at airport stores around the world. Their Love Kits & Romantic Gift Sets are perfect to spice up any date, filled with luxury bath gel, massage oil, body dusting powder and sensual lubricants. It’s one of my favorite products to give out at my seminars for couples and this sexy couple gave me some goodies to go home with. Check out their website and surprise your lover.

Kama Sutra Products

The SHE expo featured over 20 seminars and workshops with top sexperts sharing their knowledge on everything from erotic talk, body image, power play, group sex to Tantric sex and multiple orgasms.

Unique Orgasms was the title of my presentation with my favorite sexpert Dr. Hernando Chaves. To make it more fun, we used realistic sex dolls donated to us from Pipedreams and a variety of sex toys that can enhance orgasms from

Ultimate Orgasms

The climax for me was the opportunity to sign my new book on the Kama Sutra after my presentation.

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My new book explores how to strive for sexual health by incorporating the traditions from the Kama Sutra into our sex lives today. Buy your own copy here!