Friday, August 28, 2015
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Sexual satisfaction comes from learning new sexual sexplorations and the confidence to share your knowledge through the art of lovemaking. Here are some of the hottest erogenous zones, techniques and sexual enhancements to help you satisfy yourself and your lover. Take this opportunity to get out of your sexual comfort zone by introducing at least one of these sexplorations into your lovemaking repertoire.

Anatomy – Below are 6 anatomical erogenous zones that can result in more intense pleasure:

Her G-spot is located inside the vagina between 11 and 1 o’clock (with 12:00 on an imaginary clock pointing towards her navel). It can be stimulated with a finger, penis or sex toy.

Her A-spot stands for Anterior Fornix also known as the Epicentre or Female Prostate. It’s located inside the vagina on the upper wall even deeper than the G-spot. It can be stimulated with a finger, penis or sex toy.

His Prostate is a chestnut-sized gland inside the rectum behind the pubic bone and below the bladder.  It can be stimulated with a finger, penis or sex toy.

Her U-spot is located around the Urethra, the area where urine is expelled. It can be stimulated with a tongue, finger or sex toy.

The male Perineum is the strip of skin located between the scrotum to the anus. It can be stimulated with a tongue, fingers or sex toys.

The female Perineum is the diamond shaped region between her anus and vaginal opening. It can be stimulated with a tongue, finger or sex toy.

Sexual Technique – Below are six steps to the Venus Butterfly Technique that can result in female multiple orgasms

The Venus Butterfly
1.Pull back the clitoral hood.
2. Stimulate the clitoris with short and long strokes (using your tongue) until the woman has reached a number 8 on a level of excitement on a scale of 1-10.
3. Move your stimulation away from the clitoris and stimulate the entire vulva in roundabout motions.
4. After a couple of minutes, go back to stimulating the clitoris as before until she reaches a number 9 on her level of excitement.
5. Slip your finger(s) palm up inside the woman’s vagina while tapping the G-Spot simultaneously.
6. Continue to lick her clitoris while tapping her G-Spot until she reaches an internal orgasm and external orgasm, which is known as The Venus Butterfly.

Sex Toys -Below are six different types of sex toys that can enhance your sexual pleasure:

Vibrators: Massagers, Eggs, Bullets, G-Spot, Wearable

Dildos: Vaginal, Anal, Double-Ended, Harness with Strap-On’s

Nipple Toys: Clamps, Suction Cups, vibrating pasties

Sexercisers: Ben Wa Balls, Kegel Exercisers

Cock Rings: Couples Vibrating, Stimulating Cock Rings

Masturbation Sleeves: Blow Job, Breasts & Feet, Pocket Pussies