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Here are some fun and sexy ideas using sex toys to add more playful eroticism into your sex life.

From vibrators, dildos, cock rings, nipple toys, anal toys to sexercisers, there is sure to be a sex toy game for you and your lover that will inspire you to explore new sexual activities and add an element of playful fun to your relationship.

Sex Toy Games for Couples

Sex toys can be a wonderful diversion and add variety to predictable sex. They can relieve performance anxiety and empower you to experience orgasm during sexual intercourse. So, if you want to enhance, increase or improve your sex life with added sexual excitement, these sex toy games are for you and all available at

All In

Bottle Rocket

Line up that deck of cards for a showdown Texas style. Challenge your partner to a nude heads up game of Texas Hold ‘Em and the winner gets off. Start with equal amounts of chips and keep raising the blinds until the stakes get high enough to go all in. The winner not only gets bragging rights, but a nice orgasm too with one Evolved’s cute and colorful Bottle Rocket vibrators, waterproof, whisper-quiet with powerful vibrations you can use on the mons, labia, clit, penis, testes or anus.

Marco Polo

Tongue Ring

Take a dip in a swimming pool or a cool shower before a night of steamy hot sex. The game is to time how long it takes you to find your lover hiding from you. The finder gets to wear an oral vibrator on their tongue. Tongue vibrators go right over your own tongue for super-sexy sensations as you lick your lover. This tongue-shaped sex toy has a powerful bullet vibrator built right in to deliver thrills exactly where you want them. It’s like having an extra tongue for oral sex and takes your partner into erotic overdrive.

Sexual Remote Control


Here’s one time to give your lover the magical remote without fighting for it. Dr. Laura Berman’s Intimate Basics Ishtar 5-Function Remote Control Bullet is a velvety soft remote controlled bullet in soft lavender color with 5 powerful functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation.

Go out for dinner when one person is wearing the egg and the other is in control of the remote.

We Can with We-Vibe

We vibe

This game takes teamwork to see if you can orgasm at the same time during sexual intercourse while wearing the We-Vibe. One end stimulates the clitoris while the other end stimulates the G-spot during penetration. The We-Vibe has no straps, no wires; it’s waterproof with 2 speeds low for gentle sensation and high for climatic stimulation.

Russian Roulette


Anal beads              Wet anal lube

Play roulette with your deck of cards and see who comes out on top. Shuffle the cards and have each partner represent one color. Pick three cards at a time and the color that is the majority of the three gets a point. Keep going until there aren’t enough cards to pick 3. The winner of this showdown wins the choice of being the giver or receiver of Anal Beads. Push the Anal Beads in one by one only as far as it feels pleasurable and to remove the beads pull the cord gently as the person is climaxing.

Unlike the vagina, the anus isn’t self-lubricating, so you must use lube and plenty of it. Try WET anal lubes for comfort and silky smooth pleasure.

Vibrator Trivia

Evolved Dream Maker

In this game see how many different ways you can use a vibrator on your lover against or within their body for erotic sensations. Check out Evolved’s Dream Maker vibrators which have the versatility of over 600 speeds and functions and they’re waterproof, body safe, scent free while lube friendly for both water and silicone-based to ensure a silky smooth sexual dream come true.

Put a Ring on It

Vibrating cock ring

The Screaming O has single, double and tri-O pleasure vibrating cock rings and the game is to choose which one feels the best during intercourse for both of you. The cock ring fits snugly around the base of the penis and helps delay ejaculation while the vibrating clit stimulator adds extra pleasure to the clitoris and vaginal lips during penetration.

Double Delight

double dong jelly

In this game you use a double-headed dildo to penetrate your partner and yourself with the same sex toy simultaneously. And see who can keep it in the longest. Speaking of long, check out the double dildos made of realistic flesh-like material as flexible and supple as the real thing.

For an even more life-like feel, run a waterproof dildo under warm water until its body temperature before you insert it. You both can use it at the same time for unbelievable fantasy fun.

Penis Envy

strap on dildos

All genders can find a good strap-on dildo to play with, whether it’s to give the penis a break or to experience what it feels like to have a penis when you don’t have one. Decide who is going to be receiving the dildo in a strap-on situation so that they can pick the size and style they want. There are many comfortable harnesses to choose from at

Sportsheets has a plus-sized harness designed to work with a woman’s curves. This 4-way adjustable harness will fit up to an 82inch waist and 44 inch legs.

Thigh Harness

Dual harness

This sex toy by Sportsheets allows you to give or receive a lap dance you will not soon forget. Just strap the harness around your thigh so that you lover can ride all night long.

For double penis envy play, check out the Vibrating Dual Harness and remote control fantasy strap ons as these versatile sex toy features offer a vibrating dildo plus a vibrating butt plug, specially designed to bring both of you to screaming orgasms, stimulating you and your partner at the same time.

Sex Toy Games to Drive Her Wild

Women generally need more preparation for sex than men. With these sex toy games you can jumpstart a woman’s sex drive and raise her desire level, so ladies get out of mommy mode, forget about work, the dishes and the laundry. It’s time to play.

Pillows of Pleasure

nipple clamps

Ask your lover to touch your breasts in a way that he/she thinks that you would enjoy having them touched. Rate their touches from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best. Then show him/her which of these sex toys for breasts turns you on the most. If you enjoy some intense stimulation, then use nipple clamps for extra stimulation. Some women have have a nipple orgasm which can be even more intense than a clitoral or G-spot orgasm. For other types of nipple play, try these.

Driving Miss Panty

Vibrating panties

Tell your lover to chauffeur you somewhere special while you wear vibrating panties. They are quiet enough to wear under your clothes out on a date and come with sexy purple lace, plus a secret pocket that holds a bullet vibrator to tease your pussy. Give your chauffeur extra points and sexual rewards for a creative destination.

U find her U-spot


This game is easy, just find her U-spot and she’ll be thrilled that you have discovered a new erogenous zone that can result in powerful orgasms. You can stimulate this area using your tongue, finger, penis or sex toy, such as Fingo’s vibrating finger ring with tickly nubs along the surface for added sensual sensations.

Here’s a clue to find her U-spot, it’s also known as her pee spot located around the Urethra.

G-Spot Time

hustler heartbreaker

Imagine a small clock inside her vagina and aim your finger up between 11 and 1 o’clock at 12:00 pointing towards her navel, then gently tap, tap, tap and ask your lover for feedback to find out if you have the right time. For extra help on finding her G-spot, get a Hustler Heartbreaker vibrator as this toy is shaped perfectly for the female body.

How to Score an A+

Silky G vibe

You can earn an A+ by finding her A-Spot or Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone, also known as the Female Prostate. It’s located inside the Vagina between the Cervix and the Bladder so it can be stimulated with a finger, penis or sex toy. If the digital way doesn’t find the A-Spot, you can use a vibrator to stimulate both the G and A-Spots at the same time. I’m partial to the Slender Romantic G Vibrator by Evolved as it’s sleek, streamlined and flexible enough to find all of those hard to find sweet spots. But there are lots of fabulous G-spot vibrators to suit every size and shape and stimulate your G-spot.

If you’ve already found the G-Spot, then locating the A spot should be a piece of cake. It’s just beyond the G-Spot deep inside the Vagina on the upper wall where there is a narrowing of the Cervix of the Uterus that feels like a circular indentation.


Smart Balls

This game is win-win for both of you as you exercise your vaginal muscles while his penis is inside you. The goal is to see how many reps you can do before he climaxes. If you need to get your vaginal muscles in shape, warm up with some Kegel toys by inserting exercise balls that does the vaginal calisthenics for you. The Fun Factory makes a very popular brand called Smart Balls with different textures and colors and Hustler toys makes the Dare Devils self-vibrating weighted vaginal balls.

Double the Pleasure

Double dong

If you’ve ever wanted to experience double penetration, but stay faithful to your main squeeze, the double dongs can fulfill this threesome fantasy game with their plush, soft, flexible, realistic feel, you can play with two penises at the same time.

If you want a better-endowed sex toy for your double penetration game, check out The Colt Icon Series.

Sex Toy Games to Blow His Mind

Sex toy games for men are more than just poking pocket pussies, male masturbators, fake vaginas, mouths and anus sleeves. They have become a new fun way for guys to share sexual sensations with or without their partner. Since many men need sexual release more often, there’s no easier way to reach orgasm than with the vast variety of sex toys, so get ready to explore your most erotic zones.

Point Spread

Deep throat stroker

Make a bet with your man that you can bring him to orgasm quicker than these sex toys below. If you win, he has to take you on a sex toy-shopping spree at

Fleshlight toys offer pussies, mouths and butts discreetly encased in a flashlight. Simply unscrew the top and slide your lubricated shaft between the snug, fleshy folds as you work your way to an orgasm.

Deep Throat Stroker by California Exotics, soft, stretch, like-like masturbator is ergonomically curved for deep throat action and feels like the real thing.

Tenga Toys offer unique male masturbator sleeves such as the Tenga Egg hidden in an egg with some lube, so you can take with you anywhere.

Penis Pumps can enlarge and heighten your sensitivity. While not a traditional male sex toy, many men use penis pumps as a form of masturbation.

His Hero Spot

pandora prostate massager

One reason it’s called the ‘Hero spot’ is because it takes a hero to be adventurous, secure and trusting with his partner in order to embark on Hero Spot exploration, also known as the Prostate. It can be stimulated by the insertion of a finger or vibrator into his anus, so give him this multiple list to choose from.

You can also find and stimulate his Hero spot with a lubricated finger, which you will insert palm up, in a “come here” motion inside his anus. Some men say their pleasure zone is just one knuckle inside the anus; others are deeper. Feel for a small indentation the size of a pea midway between his anus and testicles on the outside of his body. This area is called the Million Dollar Point in Taoism and many men are able to feel their prostate gland through this point. Gently press inward with your thumbs to heighten his arousal.

The Pandora Prostate Massager by Vibratex is perfectly shaped for stimulating the Hero spot. It’s easy to insert, stays in place and vibrates once it hits the spot. Just be sure to use lots of lube.

Sex Toy Kit Games

Instead of getting one toy at a time, you can get everything you need for playtime in these great kits for romantic play, sexual play and fantasy play. Put them in a grab bag and tell you lover to take one item out at a time and he/she must demonstrate how they are going to use it.

Romantic Play

dirty dice

 The Pure Romance Collection by Evolved is complete with romance dice, vibrating massager, vajazzled body jewels, heart shaped stinger, vibrating ring, 52 Love Vouchers, rose petals and electric candles.

The Pure Romance Collection comes in an elegant decorative container that can be used to store your toys and it makes for a memorable gift.

Fantasy Play

fetish fantasy pipedreams

The Fetish Fantasy Lover’s BDSM Kit by Pipedreams is great for bondage beginners with ankle and wrist cuffs, heart shaped paddle, silk rose petals and some warming massaging lotion.

My beginner-friendly introductory kit to anal sex provides everything you’ll need to try out various anal pleasures Included is my DVD, “Guide to Anal Sex for Women”, offers live demonstrations for all aspects of anal sex. The kit also includes an anal vibrator, anal beads, and an anal vibrator “enhancer” as well as some anal lube and toy cleaner for your anal sex adventure.

Sex Board Games

Love at first bite

There are many benefits to playing sex games together such as, laughing, losing and learning new ways to communicate making love.

Advanced Sex Techniques

This is a game of erotic foreplay, hot sexplay, and mind-blowing orgasms offering over 100,000 possible sexual adventures. Spin the spinner to select tonight’s adventure! Begin with sensual foreplay for him and her, then onto erotic foreplay for each of you. When you are both ready to explode with desire, move on to round three: sex positions.

Texxxt Message Seductions

A year of sexy text message seductions for every other week, select one of the cell phone-shaped game cards based on its seduction description. Tear open the screen on the card to reveal a text script you send to your lover throughout the day to seduce him or her for sex that night.


This board game engages you and your lover in erotic foreplay and tantalizing treats. Earn sex position cards by correctly answering sex trivia questions. You and your lover win when you complete and carry out a fantasy of 6 sex positions.

Any of these board games can be changed for group party games. All you need is some uninhibited participants. Give out sex toys to winners as an added bonus.

1,000 Sex Games

1000 sex games

You begin this game by selecting one of the Foreplay Cards, such as, Naughty Dice, Strip Spinner, Spin the Bottle or Erotic Edibles. Then you turn over a Passion Card, to use during the Foreplay Round in order to maximize your pleasure in the Sex Round.

Sex toys can add more variety, take the pressure off performance (for the man), add orgasmic intensity for a woman by stimulating her nipples, clitoris G-spot or anus, as well as bring a new element of fantasy and fun to the relationship.