Nashville’s Naughty, Sexy Opera!

The Nashville Opera announces the world premier of their “slightly naughty” Opera called Three WayMaking it’s debut Jan27-29th at The James K. Polk Theatre, the opera explores the future of love, sex, and desire with humor, and of course melodrama, which opera is known for. The new production explores the world of BDSM, polyamory, and swinging!
The opera may be the first modern day opera with a BDSM theme. The three act opera named it’s acts The Companion, Safe Word, and Masquerade, and “introduces the audience to a collision of contemporary characters who meet at the intersection of power and desire, revealing true longings of the human heart.” The complexity of each character and situation is accentuated by the beguiling and melodic score composed by Robert Paterson, libretto by David Cote.
The creators say that it is “opera for millennials and perfect for first-time opera attendees. Three Way is an artistic blend of lyrical storytelling and colloquial language. By pushing the boundaries of “normal” relationships, Three Way celebrates female characters as they hold the reins– an Il Trittico for the Tinder generation. Sexy, funny, a little bit naughty — Three Way explores Android lovers, dominatrix culture, and the final frontier: multiple partners. Sung in English with complex but accessible and jazzy music, this is the perfect opera for an introduction to the genre.” Polyamory set to music! Sort of like LaLaLand with opera music, bondage,BDSM, and threesomes.

In Companion, Act I a “biomorphic android Companion makes for “The Perfect Man” but doesn’t come without his glitches.” Everyone can relate. In Safe Word, Act II, a “Dominatrix and a businessman have a power struggle for who’s in charge.” Bondages and Baritones, singing and spanking! In Masquerade, Act III, couples get together for an exotic masquerade ball to meet and swap.” Wife swapping and wine tasting! Since it’s an opera, not a porn movie, “An instrumental interlude suggests a thrilling group experience that reaches several climaxes.”

Three Way debuts in Nashville Jan 27-29th and travels to Brooklyn, New York for performances at BAM Fisher (Fishman Space), featuring American Modern Ensemble on June 15-18. For more info, check out the musical threesome here.
Don’t know what to wear to your first three way? Some ideas from the wardrobe room.
(from @nashvilleopera on Instagram.)
The new spicy and sexy polyamorous opera aims to attract a new, younger and more open-minded audience, who have never experienced opera before.
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