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New Love in November

A new person has stirred your romantic feelings.

The Romance Angels have sent you this card like a Valentine greeting, signaling the introduction of someone new into your love life! Perhaps you’ve recently met this per­son and your interest was piqued. This card validates that your connection was mutual and real. It is safe for you to explore it, and the Romance Angels will guide your actions accordingly.

Of course, if you are already in a com­mitted relationship, you’ll want to consult your angels and perhaps a counselor or other trusted person to get insight into your feel­ings. While running into the arms of a suitor may sound passionate, the reality of guilt over the affair will soon weigh heavily upon you. It’s better to confront the issues within your present relationship that left your emo­tional doors open for someone else.

This card can also mean that you’ll soon meet a new person. In these cases, the Romance Angels are asking you to keep the faith that love is in your cards. You deserve love, and you’re lovable! The angels guide you to be aware, as you never know when your partner will arrive.

Advice from Bella:

I have pulled a Romance Angel Card specifically for I want all of you to take love seriously and the First thing to do is love yourself!

New Love can only come if you Love yourself first and then others.

When I think of New Love I think of sparks, long talks on the phone, wanting to spend time with that person and creating special moments and memories. And possibly share your New Love with your family.

The Holidays are fast approaching and the angels are saying to have fun, enjoy learning and growing with your new found love if it’s loving yourself or someone else that is absolutely amazing and makes you feel harmonized. Then YAY for you, you’re on your way to a New Path!

The  New Love card  can mean have fun in the relationship you’re in and rekindle it. When we’re are having a tough time we tend to fantasize about someone else who will make things better. But unless you’re in an abusive relationship, you might just need to make a conscious effort to get the spark back, especially if children are involved.

Don’t turn away from your relationship and start a new one just because you are not happy for that moment. We all go through phases during the year, and you feel anything for that person, try to see the good and make it even better. Consider that you might be projecting your own ‘faults’ onto your partner, and take responsibility for that. Moving on to a new person thinking, This time things will be different, when you’ve done no work on yourself, likely will end the same way. The only way that we can be different is if we take a step back and see the bigger picture.

3 steps to breaking  Ego-driven sabotage:

1. By loving you first.

2. Allow your Ego to tell you how you’re feeling, and understand why you’re doubting yourself, the situation or the relationship. Then nicely tell your ego to GO BACK to sleep! We all need a quick little wake up call to not make the same mistake again, but we don’t need to get reactionary and trash the whole relationship before it starts.

3. Acknowledge your Ego and acknowledge that you can make things different by changing your own actions, not by trying to change the actions of others.

4. Redirect your thoughts to a feeling you would rather have, and live in that feeling.

New Love should be fun and if we are not ready for it then we tend sabotage it!

Your goal this time is to Stop, Love and Listen. Learn how to communicate with yourself, your Ego and then your partner. It’s  getting colder, so your keep your heart warm and your sheets even warmer. Stay warm with your NEW LOVE by having fun, safe, sexy time.  Enjoy your New Love and make foreplay fun, getting to know your partner’s sexy spots.

Make this November a NEW LOVE not a NO LOVE month.


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Gabriella Maria is a Certified Intuitive Life Path Coach, Empathic Psychic, Animal Communicator, Certified By Patti Negri. As well as Certified as a Romance Coach and Love Coach through Dr Ava Cadell Loveology University. She began her journey as a Spiritual Advisor and Intuitive Life Path Coach in 2012. Bella always had this skill throughout her younger years. She was certified as a Intuitive Life Path Coach and Animal Communicator in 2011-2012 Bella quickly realized that what her clients needed most was guidance in matters of the heart. When the spiritual work became physically and emotionally draining, She focused on her family for over a year and half she dedicated her life to them. Gabriella had this burning desire to guide others and teach others what she learned. Many women and men have relationship issues and it all stems from communication and finding time to be romantic. She knew her clients wanted to be coached on how to make life better and to stop the "cycle life path" (meaning to do the same thing over and over again with different people and getting the same result.) During her "break" She began to study Love and Romance through Dr Ava Cadell a friend and mentor. Realizing she wanted nothing more than to bring joy to more people and to uplift and support couples on their way to greater intimacy, she began working with Dr. Ava Cadell, who went on to mentor her through Loveology University which allowed Gabriella to become a Certified Romance and Love Coach. Among Gabriella's unique combination of skills in spirituality, romance, love, food and travel are the perfect ingredients in the pursuit of greater happiness and intimacy. Her ability to connect with individuals and Animals on an Empathic deep level, is a natural gift and her life’s work, as she finds her greatest rewards in helping people to discover or rediscover the best parts of themselves and in their relationship to their partner. Combine that with her expertise in Family and Romance travel. She finds the best reward in life is her Family; Bella-Love is happily married and a mother of two. She also home schools her children one in pre-k and the other in kindergarten. To Contact Gabriella Maria Call 408-561-4432 Products for a better result Gabriella searched high and low and worked with many companies to find the right products and regimens and found that What you put into your body and how you create your personal environment is how you present yourself to the world. If you feel good and look good then people have a different opinion of you. So she created Airam where you can find a way to empower, learn to create routines for a harmonized life.