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There’s a strong magnetic attraction here. 


You’ve received this card because you feel a strong dynamic pull toward another person. In other words, you share chemistry with him or her. This creates intense pleasurable sensations that draw you to each other. If this person is someone other than your partner in a committed relationship, then the chemistry is probably a source of both stress and escape. You’ll need to weigh your options and the consequences carefully before (or instead of) leaving your current partner or embarking upon an affair.

If, however, you are single and feel this pull toward another unattached person, then this card brings you a go-ahead green light of good news. Most likely, the chemistry is mutual and merits exploration.

In some cases, this card may mean that a lack of chemistry is a cause for relationship issues and personal discontent. If there was chemistry initially, it may be restored by devoting effort to the relationship. Passion, sparks, and romance can be revived through playfulness, thoughtfulness, time together, and caring gestures.

Call upon the Romance Angels to guide you as you make important decisions about channeling this chemistry.

Advice from Bella:

The Beginning of the month of May was very disruptive with the ending of Mercury in retrograde on May 3, 2017. I have finally been able to feel the light airy support of the spring angels, allowing me to regain my energy, regroup and finally be able to find chemistry in my business with the beginning of AiramPassion.

Before I start my Romance Card Reading I want to share something that I found to be helpful in my past and present clients as well as for myself.

Life gets hectic and passion gets put aside, but remember to reevaluate your life and love life, see what is lacking and what you desire. Make this happen everyday of your life. You only have this life so enjoy your Passion enjoy your partner!

I pulled a card for May with the Sexpert Community in Mind and The Romance Angels came up with The Chemistry Romance Card. I love Chemistry!

The feeling of being connected to someone special – either in a new relationship or a mature one – can be exciting, fun and adventurous, making you want to kiss that person over and over again. And the Sex! Sex is so much better when you have chemistry, the magnetic attraction makes sex so yummy, wanting more – like that decadent dessert you had after dinner.

Just remember to recognize the difference between lust and chemistry. Chemistry can keep the lust alive by connecting mentally, emotionally physically and sexually. You can certainly have chemistry with someone without engaging in lust, for example laughing together, sharing good times, going on adventures and more. If you do feel Chemistry with the person you have your eye on, this card might mean you have the green light to advance to more. And if you are not in a relationship at all, remember this card might be giving you insight that you will have a chemistry with a special someone soon.

You can create more chemistry in a relationship that may have become too predictable by spending more quality time with your partner and sharing three things that you think will enhance your relationship. Then make at least one come true for each other!

Divine Timing is what we need to have faith in. If it is meant to happen, it will happen.

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Gabriella Maria is a Certified Intuitive Life Path Coach, Empathic Psychic, Animal Communicator, certified By Patti Negri and is certified as a Romance Coach and Love Coach through Dr. Ava Cadell's Loveology University. To Contact Gabriella Maria Call 408-561-4432. Schedule a consultation, purchase products or find out about her 5 Senses Couples Retreats for better results in AiramPassion. Gabriella searched high and low and worked with many companies to find the right products and regimens to discover what's best to put into your body, how to create your personal environment and present yourself to the world. She is the owner of Secret Red Door an Adult Novelty store that sells her Lingerie and Swim Wear Line called Red’s Intimates. She is building her brand based on the things she holds most dear: family, life, love, health and a desire to spread happiness to couples of the world.