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Give Your Relationship A Chance

Work on your partnership

The Romance Angels see that your relationship is worth devoting effort to. Although there may be issues, these can be worked through and healed. You’ll need to commit to the relationship to ensure the best chance of success. At the very least, if you do end it, you’ll know that you gave it your all. You’ll also understand the role that you played in its dynamics.

In this way, you’ll avoid attracting similarly painful situations in the future.
You received this card because there’s hope for your partnership.The love is still there! Working with a counselor may be your best option at this point. This professional can identify areas of dysfunction and guide you both in healthier directions.

Advice from Gabriella:

June is the most romantic month of the year. It’s named after Juno, the ancient Roman goddess of marriage, and that’s why June is one of the favorite months for weddings! This romance card encourages couples to open up to each other and find that loving feeling that may have gone wayward.

Give your relationship one more chance so that you have no regrets! I recommend on these long summer nights that couples make love or make out outdoors to create memorable romance. We all want that hot and steamy relationship, but sometimes it’s necessary to take the initiative with romance and make it happen.

Another way you can fan the flames of intimacy with your parter is to express what you’re most grateful for about one another. This kind and loving exercise often leads to deeper communication and connection which can lead to very necessary bonding.

If you’re single, get out of the house and initiate new friendships by giving a stranger a compliment and see where it leads!

Have a beautiful Week enjoy your weekend and  Love, Be Passionate, Accept yourself and the relationship your in. Because YOU deserve to be happy!

-Gabriella Maria

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