Outfest’s Outrageously Fabulous LGBT Film Festival

This week and next in Los Angeles, Outfest’s LGBT festival has something for everyone; whether you’re gay, straight, or anything in-between. Or beyond. The offerings range from shorts to docs to full length features.

Mapplethorpe is a documentary on legendary photographer Robert Mapplethorpe, whose 1970’s and 80’s photographs of artists, musicians, celebrities, socialites, and the underground BDSM scene now sell for millions. The film was acquired two days ago by Samuel Goldwyn Films, headed by Peter Goldwyn, grandson of MGM’s Samuel Goldwyn Sr. Mapplethorpe died of AIDS in 1989.

From Mapplethorpe, photo courtesy of the Tribeca Film Festival. Mapplethorpe’s controversial gallery show, funded by the National Endowment for The Arts, was cancelled after people were shocked by some of the imagery, including a pic of a bullwhip doing its BDSM thing.

Studio 54, a documentary about Steve Rubell, (who was gay), and Ian Schrager, (who was straight), is part of a “double feature” at the fest directed by Matt Tyrnauer. The infamous disco with the famous door policy, (you only got in if you looked fabulous) was so fabulous and made so much money that the two stuffed bags of bills into the club’s ceiling.

Another fascinating documentary at the fest, also directed by Tyrnauer, is called Scotty and The Secret History of Hollywood, a film about WWII vet and bartender Scotty Bowers, who was called “the pimp of Hollywood.” And proudly so. He unapologetically “arranged dates” for movie stars including Gary Grant and Rock Hudson, who were too big in Hollywood to publicly come out of the closet. At the time you could actually be arrested for being gay. “I felt good that I made so many people happy,” he says. Check out the trailer here.


Long-lost high school BFFs, Pete (Brendan Scannell), a recently out gay man, and Tiff (Zoe Levin), a grad student, hope to pick up right where they left off. But Tiff has a secret: she’s one of NYC’s top dominatrixes, and she’s about to tie Pete up in her underground world of sexual secrecy and BDSM. The dramedy series is loosely based on the life experiences of Rightor Doyle (HBO’s “Barry,” FX’s “You’re the Worst”), who wrote, directed, and executive produced the series.

The synopsis of Daddy Issues goes like this:

“Maya, a 19 year old queer pixie, gets romantically involved with her sexually fluid insta-crush and unknowingly becomes part of a twisted love triangle.”

The festival runs from July 12-20th.


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