Sexycises by Sexperts: Yin Yang Yoga for Intimacy Review

Sexycises by Sexperts: Yin Yang Yoga for Intimacy is a sizzling new multimedia project by Dr. Ava Cadell that offers a playful new way for couples to connect physically, emotionally and sexually. Dr. Ava brought together 20 top experts in sexual health ranging in ages from 20s to 60s to demonstrate Yin Yang Yoga positions from passionate and playful, gentle and relaxing, to more rigorous acrobatic styles for athletic couples who want a challenge.

The project includes an edutainment video (available now via Vimeo), and seminar that was first presented at the SHE Expo in Los Angeles in 2017, and has now traveled all over the world including China, Thailand, Mexico and Jamaica.

Yin Yang Yoga incorporates essentials from Anusara, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Acroyoga and Tantra yoga for couples, to enable them to stay connected on their journey to sexual satisfaction. Each expert relates their personal expertise in a private interview before their segment, which adds a depth of knowledge to the video that enriches the experience.

“Partner yoga can boost intimacy and can lead to the best sex of your life.   Yin Yang Yoga for Intimacy creates a physical and emotional bond of trust.  We all have both Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine) energies within us.  Yin Yang Yoga not only emphasizes the balance within ourselves, but it allows for the connection between two partners, two bodies, to become one with sexy, energizing results,” says Dr. Ava Cadell.

Preview the trailer & purchase the video for download here: Sexycises

The Video

Sexycises by Sexperts: Yin Yang Yoga for Intimacy is a love-changing video guide for couples to rekindle passion, deepen intimacy and just have fun together.  The video is now available on Vimeo as a streaming video that runs 1 hour 33 minutes. You can either rent or purchase for download.  Narrated by Dr. Ava Cadell, the video features 20 top sex experts demonstrating sensual partner Yin Yang Yoga poses together which are designed to rekindle passion, deepen intimacy or as a way for couples to connect physically and have fun together.  The health benefits include increased flexibility, strength, balance, muscle tone, as well as improved energy and vitality. The video has 6 levels of poses: Level 1 & 2 for beginners, level 3 & 4 for intermediates, and level 5 & 6 for advanced practitioners.

“With all this in mind, Yin Yang Yoga makes a rewarding romantic date, builds passion, enhances intimacy and enriches relationships with mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual benefits for couples. As a bonus, you can also burn as many as 500 calories in half an hour!”—Dr. Ava Cadell

Not only is the video perfect for couples who want to exercise together and boost their libido, but it would be a great addition to couple’s resorts, gyms and yoga studios.

The Scenes and Poses

After a short introduction by Dr. Ava Cadell, the sexycise poses begin, starting with Dr. Cat Meyer (PsyD., LMFT, Sex Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Healer) and Andrew Sealy (Acroyoga Expert & Instructor) who demonstrate 6 poses from Level 1 to Level 6 on a beautiful Malibu beach.  The poses included: Up Dog Heart Opener, Steeple Pose, Child Pose Partner Spine Lengthening, Down Dog Sacrum Hug, Folded leaf Hip Opener, and Backbend / Forward Fold Partner Stretch. The poses focus on playful to advanced Acroyoga positions to open the sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras, and included eye gazing, synchronized breathing and sensual touch.

Next Miyoko Fujimori (Intimacy Expert, Playboy Radio Host, Sex Columnist, Acroyoga Instructor) and her partner Eric Blood (Acroyoga Expert & Co-founder, Inverted Play) demonstrate 7 more advanced poses from levels 3-6. Many of these are “Inverted Play” flying poses that use a yoga swing for support.  Poses included: Back Fly, Straddle Bat, Ninja Star, Floating Paschi, Star Pillow, Side Plank, Waterfall from Reverse Throne, as well as other poses without the yoga swing on a staircase including Thigh Stand, Thigh Straddle Sit, Bird on Hands Modification, Flag Variation, Backbend on Shoulders and Inverted 69.  These poses inspire adventure, excitement and variety in your relationship, while also strengthening your physical bodies and building stamina and flexibility for better sex.

Brett Stephenson (Partner Yoga Teacher, Tantric Massage Therapist) and Dr. Nancy Sutton-Pierce (DHS, RN, Sexologist, Radio Host, Speaker, Conscious Yoga Expert) demonstrate more basic poses and tantric massage techniques that any couple could practice together, including beginners.  These introductory poses included: Single Leg Extension with Massage, Double Leg Extension with Massage, Supported Seated Backbend with Massage, and Supported Forward Bend, and Happy Baby pose with Plank and Yoga Push-ups.  These positions are all designed to release tension, increase blood flow to sexual organs and reconnect couples to their own bodies and sensuality through intimate touch.

Dr. Hernando Chaves (MFT, DHS, Human Sexuality Professor, Sex Columnist, Speaker) and Erika Jordan (Licensed Sexologist & Certified Love Coach) next show how to start off slow with beginner poses.  Dr. Chaves talks about how to keep your body strong and sexually vital even if you experience knee and back problems with the help of Yin Yang Yoga.  Erika Jordan emphasizes the importance of having fun and learning something new together as a couple to increase intimacy while turning on all the sexy endorphins and chemicals in your brain to keep the sizzle alive.  These beginner poses use an exercise ball for stability and include: Supported Plank Pose with Leg Straddle, Supported Back Bend with Leg Extension, and Ball Supported Yab Yum. These poses have libido-boosting benefits that increase blood flow to the genitals and sacral chakra.

Next, Dr. Amie Harwick (Ph.D, MFT, Psychotherapist, Sex Therapist, Author, Speaker, Media Therapist) and Christina Engelhardt (Certified Loveologist & Love Coach, Author, Speaker & Intuitive) practice mirrored poses including: Double Dancer, Double Triangle, Double Goddess, and Double Bridge poses.  Christina next doubles up with Dr. Nancy Sutton-Pierce for the Double Down Dog.  Dr. Harwick talks about the importance of yoga for increasing intimacy and closeness between lovers as well as friends, whereas Christina Engelhardt talks about how yoga helps to open mind, body and spirit for greater intimacy.

Kayna Cassard (MA, LMFT, Sex Therapist, Intimacy Workshop Leader, Acro Yoga Instructor) and her partner Dominick Cole (Acroyoga Expert, intimacy Workshop Leader) get into some intricate and advance acrobatic poses during their scene together.  These included:  Partner Counter Balance, Partner Boat Pose, Partner Assisted Straddle Stretch, Partner Forward Fold Counter Balance, Backpack Pose, Back Fly Variation, Ninja Star, Folded Leaf with Acro Thai Massage, Table Top pose, Straddle Bat, Side Star Variation, Reverse Throne – One Leg Bound, Reverse Splits on Hands, Handstand Kiss, Prasarita Twist, Super Yogi and Straddle Bat into Shoulder Stand. Cassard says she enjoys the experience because it is a way to express love, desire and intimacy between partners without using words, and reconnects lovers with their bodies in a sensual way to find their fiery passion once again.  The poses they perfect together are very advanced and the transitions are beautiful and fluid.

Dr. Ava Cadell mentions a few times during the video that many of the advanced poses should be done only under the instruction of an advanced practitioners in AcroYoga.  She also emphasizes how couples can be inspired to try more intricate poses over time, with expert instruction.  This ever-evolving practice also helps to strengthen communication skills, trust and security in the relationship because you need to work as a team.

Dr. Jallen Rix (Clinical Sexologist, Ed.D, Speaker, Author, Professor of Human Sexuality) and Kayvon Afsarifard (Acroyoga Expert & Instructor) showcase male / male Yin Yang Yoga, including these poses: Double Warrior, Bird Pose, High Flying Whale pose, Jedi Box, and Back Bird into Floating Paschi.  These poses are very advanced and use a great amount of strength, balance, trust and experience. in the video, Dr. Rix notes how Sexycises and other practices help get people out of their head and more into their body knowledge, and embodied practices.  Afsarifard says couple’s yoga promotes trust as well as self-knowledge.

Dr. Anne Ridley (Clinical Sexologist, Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Loveologist) and her partner Nick demonstrate level 1-4 poses including: Wide-Angle Seated Forward Fold, Double Seated Tree with Forward Fold to Twist, Fountain Pose, Standing Pelvic Circles, and the Reverse Table Top with Partner Squat.  Dr. Ridley explains how Sexycises can create a deeper bond through touch, yoga, mindfulness and meditation, and how it is a beautiful way to bring authenticity, and intimacy into your relationship.

Dr. Don Etkes (Ph.D., MFT, Sex Therapist, Life Coach, Hypotherapist) partners up with Dr. Tamar Reilly (Ph.D, Certified Sex Surrogate), to show sensual level 1 poses for people who are more mature or who have less flexibility or physical limitations, including: Chair Seated Tree, Seated Steeple, and Lotus Fish.  All poses use a sofa for a prop for greater comfort.  Dr. Etkes emphasizes a sense of play between couples, in a relaxed gentle way as well as learning communication skills to maximize sensuality that leads to better sex, and Sexycises is perfect for this.

Dr. Nancy Sutton-Pierce (DHS, RN, Sexologist, Radio Host, Speaker, Conscious Yoga Expert) and her partner Symon Murray (Lifestyle & Sexuality Teacher) show advanced poses including: Double Tree, Upward Double Bow, Plank / Down Dog with a Kiss, and Double Side Plank.  Dr. Sutton-Pierce practices a holistic mixture of sexology that promotes bringing sexy back and says how sexy does not have an expiry date, when you bring yoga into the bedroom with breath and connection via Sexycises.

Finally, Dr. Ava Cadell, Dr. Tamar Reilly, Dr. Nancy Sutton-Pierce with Jane Hamilton finish with a group yoga pose, the Double Moon, showing that Sexycises can be fun and playful to practice with friends as well as lovers.

Sexycises is beautifully filmed, with aerial footage of sandy Malibu beaches and lush vegetation as a background for many of the scenes which were filmed in Cadell’s backyard oasis and tree-house, Shangri La.

Many of the practitioners in the video are partnered in real life and their expertise in couples yoga, as well as their affection for each other is beautifully captured, inspiring viewers to begin their own intimate practice in Yin Yang Yoga together.  The poses are loving and sensual and are designed to awaken erotic desire between lovers.  The video showcases numerous poses couples can try out together from beginner to expert, so there is something for everyone no matter their level of ability, including sexy tantra poses that facilitate deep, intimate connection.

The video features beautiful, relaxing, instrumental music that carries you through the poses and intimate workout.  The women in the video wear beautiful body jewelry by Bijoux Indiscrets.

The Seminar

Cadell designed the project to also be offered as a Seminar at conferences as well as couples workshops for luxury retreats. Since the debut at SHE, many of the project’s experts have presented Sexycises at workshops around the world including Dr. Cat Meyer and Dr. Ava in Thailand, Miyoko in China, Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce in Jamaica and Dr. Hernando Chaves, Kayna Cassard and Dominick Cole in Mexico. The Sexycises team is available to train groups and individuals, and to create presentations globally. Many of them are also qualified as sex educators, counselors and therapists.

Sexycises by Sexperts: Yin Yang Yoga for Intimacy seminars are designed to build trust, improve communication and enrich intimacy through the power of touch.  The seminars include:

  • Interactive and entertaining group activities
  • Educational and therapeutic techniques for deeper connection
  • Experiential heart to heart connective exercises for more passion and fulfillment
  • Top sexperts empower and motivate you to take your relationship to a whole new level

You can see a sneak peek from the SHE Expo in 2017 here, featuring Miyoko and Dr. Cat Meyer, teaching couples how to try out some of the poses.


Dr. Ava Cadell is also interested in licensing the program to yoga studios, gyms and resorts by sending sexperts to train their staff in Sexycises, Yin Yang Yoga for Intimacy.  That way, couples can learn the practice locally or as a part of a sensual vacation at a resort or on a couple’s cruise.  This enables Cadell and her team of sexy sexperts can help heal relationships through intimacy and spread loving connection around the world.

Dr. Ava Cadell created Sexycises as a way for couples to connect more physically, as it is the quickest way to rebuild intimacy, heal negative emotions and rekindle passion for a deeper loving relationship that she has witnessed in her private practice.

“These activities release oxytocin, the bonding hormone, which cultivates gratitude for one another, manifesting in romance and more intimacy… The success that couples achieve connecting emotionally through physical touch was my inspiration for creating Yin Yang Yoga, as a rewarding solution for those top relationship issues. I wanted to create a couples practice that blends three popular keys to wellbeing: yoga, intimacy and fitness (YIF – not to be confused with the practice of dressing up as fuzzy animals!) Many couples are seeking guidance and support on their journey to find more romance and deeper intimacy, but they don’t want it to be hard work. And couples often take sex way too seriously, which can result in a lack of interest in sexual activity altogether. What they need is to have sexy fun together!”, says Dr. Ava Cadell.

Sexycises by Sexperts: Yin Yang Yoga for Intimacy presents sexy, sensual poses designed to deepen trust, intimacy and sexual connection between lovers, with a wide variety of styles from gentle and relaxing to gravity defying acrobatic challenges.

Sex up your summer with a new sizzling practice you can enjoy with your partner and turn up the heat!

Preview the trailer & purchase the video for download here: Sexycises

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