Sexycises By Sexperts: Intimacy Through Yoga

I’m so excited to share my new project, featuring the world’s top sexperts in sexual health and pleasure demonstrating how to stay connected on the journey to sexual fitness and satisfaction. Poses range from playful to passionate, with mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual benefits for individuals and couples.

These are the superlative sexperts making love and intimacy a priority in people’s lives!


Dr. Cat Meyer is an acroyoga expert, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in holistic psychotherapy and topics of sexuality, including intimacy through yoga. Dr. Cat Meyer’s Refresh Women’s Retreat: Embracing the Peace Within takes place October 14-16, 2016. Her couples yoga class called Sexy Sunday can be found at Create Yoga.

Andrew Sealy (Cat’s partner above) is a yoga artist and movement creator who teaches acroyoga to couples who want to build true intimacy.

Miyoko Rifkin: Acroyoga expert and on-air personality at Playboy Radio and owner/instructor at Domestic Goddess Studio, specializing in intimacy through yoga at Inverted Play.  Check out Miyoko’s Playboy radio show Play With Me!

Eric Blood (with Miyoko in the video) is a dance acroyoga expert who offers workshops for couples who want to connect mentally, physically and sensually.


Dr. Hernando Chaves is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, human sexuality professor, media therapist, global speaker and sex columnist with a private practice in Beverly Hills.

Erika Jordan is a Certified Loveologist and love coach, actress, director, certified physical fitness trainer, sexpert and spokesmodel for BroMyGod. She also hosts, a site dedicated to eliminating kill shelters with




Dr. Nancy Sutton-Pierce specializes in Intimacy Communication, Sensual Movement and Exotic Erotic Lifestyle Coaching. Her background as a registered nurse, health educator, sex & relationship author, radio talk show host and yoga therapist all enhance her passion as an International speaker and sensuality educator. Her Valentine’s Intimacy & Sex magic Retreat takes place February 11-18, 2017.

Symon Murray is an educator who lives a healthy sex positive, open lifestyle.  In lifestyle resorts around the world, Symon has taught all aspects of sexual pleasure; including specific classes in female ejaculation techniques (he is known as the Squirt Master) to both couples and individuals.


Dr. Jallen Rix: Author of Ex-Gay No Way, clinical sexologist, educator, speaker and star of his own one-man show: Celebrating The Intersection of Self-Pleasuring and Self-Compassion. Look for Dr. Jallen in his one-man show Stake in the Ground: Celebrating the Intersection of Self-Pleasing and Self-Compassion

As a yoga teacher, Kayvon Afsarifard is interested in helping others develop their own practice and learn more about their own mind-body-soul connection. He is studying to be a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist at Pepperdine University.




Dr. Anne Ridley is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, psychotherapist, relationship and intimacy expert, public speaker and Certified Loveologist with a private practice in Santa Fe. She’s known as ‘The Modern Aphrodite.’ Here, she is posing with her boyfriend Nick Rosenheim.




Dr. Amie Harwick is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, author of The New Sex Bible for Women, global speaker and popular media therapist with a private practice in Beverly Hills.

Christina Engelhardt is a Certified Loveologist and love coach, author of two books, screenwriter, award winning producer, model, actress, photographer and celebrity astrologer.


Kayna Cassard is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Sex Therapist with a private practice in West LA. She is an Acroyoga expert who teaches therapeutic workshops on play and intimacy skills.

Dominick Cole is a renowned Acroyoga expert and teacher with therapeutic workshops that focus on healing through movement as well as play & intimacy skills.

Connect with Kayna and Dominick at their workshop: Acroyoga Play & Intimacy Skills: A Therapeutic Workshop



Brett Stephenson conducts Erotic Yoga & Deep Tissue Tantra Massage at the dedicated swinger’s party space with a “club” setting, Twist, in San Francisco.





Dr. Don Etkes is the author of “Loving With Passion” and holds a Ph.D. in psychology. He has 20 years experience as a life coach, hynotherapist, UCLA-trained sex therapist, professional speaker, and licensed marriage and family therapist.

Dr. Tamar Riley is an IPSA accredited professional and doctor in the field of human sexuality, specializing in hands-on, holistic approach to sexual anxieties that hinder sensual intimacy.


Dr. Ava Cadell,Christina Engelhardt & Dr. Nancy Sutton-Pierce

Dr. Jane Hamilton is a global sex educator, award-winning producer and director of high quality erotica for women and couples, dynamic speaker and creator of Love is Better with Age.

Dr. Ava Cadell is a sexologist, global speaker media therapist, author of 10 books and 13 instructional videos, AASECT certified sex counselor, Founder of Loveology University and President of the American College of Sexologists international. She was voted Sexpert of the Year by the Sexual Health Expo (SHE).

Special thanks to Robert James and Nick Blond at NuReality Productions and Photos by Enoch Kim

Stay tuned for the latest news on Sexycises by Sexperts book, video, seminars and retreats!


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