Sexy Fantasies For Halloween

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to have fun with your wildest fantasies, get out of character, dress up, explore your most adventurous side and draw upon your erotic imagination.

With a fantasy, you can go anywhere your mind desires and explore the limitless part of your sexuality.  With role-playing, you can act out a fantasy so that your partner learns more about your sexuality. When your partner knows what arouses you, parts of these fantasies can be incorporated into reality. You can modify them to your real life and increase intimacy in your relationship.

Below are five fun fantasy role-playing ideas for women and five for men to get your creative juices flowing.

Hula Dancer

Accessories: Flowing skirt, bikini top or pasties, tiny panties, no shoes, lei of flowers or beads, music

Red ‘Riding’ Hood

Accessories: Red coat, preferably with a hood, red pantyhose, heals, lingerie, basket filled with candy, flavored lubes or adult toys

Belly Dancer

Accessories: Flowing pants or skirt, pasties or bikini top, scarf, arm bangles, beads, feathers.

Pirate Woman

Accessories: High boots, short skirt, wide belt, eye patch, large hoop earrings, Bandanna, a flask.

Cat Woman

Accessories: Black stockings, black one piece bathing suit, eye mask, draw whiskers on your face, cat ears, tail.

Male Erotic Dancer

Accessories: Layered clothing, bow tie, cuffs, boxers or briefs, hat, scarf, chair, sexy music.

Male Police Officer

Accessories: Black pants, shorts, tight button down, tank top, vest, hat, hand cuffs, sunglasses, baton, name badge.


Accessories: Pin stripped suit, button down shirt, tie, black shoes, cigar, toy gun, cuffs, cash, large gold rings.

Super Hero

Accessories: Red tights, mask, boots, cloak, scarf, armband, crystal, flashlight, remote control.


Accessories: Ripped clothing, toga or loin cloth, headband, club (or rolling pin), dog bone or turkey leg.

If you’re not feeling DIY this Halloween, check out the costumes at

Here are 10 Fantasy Rules:

1. DO NOT do anything that is unpleasant, offensive or that makes you feel unsafe.

2. Be willing to trust yourself and your partner.

3. Be prepared for an unpredictable adventure.

4. Keep an open mind, and don’t pass judgment on yourself or your partner.

5. Don’t try to analyze fantasy meanings, just enjoy their main themes.

6. Talk to your partner about your fantasies before making them a reality.

7. Once in a while, pick a different place and time to play.

8. Give yourself at least a half-hour for each fantasy.

9. Take turns at role-playing.

10. Have fun!

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