Sexycises Makes Its Debut at Sexual Health Expo LA 2017

The Sexual Health Expo (SHE) 2017 took place this past weekend February 4th & 5th at the California Market Center in downtown Los Angeles with a slate of juicy seminars including my new Sexycises by Sexperts, featuring my protege’s Dr. Cat Meyer, Miyoko and Dr. Nancy Sutton-Pierce with Symon Murray.

I introduced Cat and Miyoko who demonstrated how to perform a partner forward fold and backbend pose cultivating mindfulness, playfulness and greater body awareness. Then we brought up volunteers from the audience to join in and try the poses themselves.

Here above left, the partners from the audience are demonstrating steeple pose and to the right, Miyoko instructs Dr. Nancy and her partner Symon Murray on how to do the Folded Leaf pose, which ended in a sensual kiss.

I shared a booth with my friend and colleague Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce, who was promoting not only her Conscious Living seminars, but also her popular Exotic Lifestyle Retreats. Her seminar at SHE, Women’s Health Concerns About Sexuality, tied in all her areas of expertise including sexology and nursing.

Here is Nancy on the left, with her yoga partner Symon Murray who filmed a sex myth for us about squirting!

On the right is my lovely and talented friend Christina Engelhardt who is also featured in Sexycises by Sexperts, and busted a myth for us about falling in love with different genders. Christina is a Certified Love Coach and Intuitive, astrologer and tarot card reader. Speaking of intuitives, also in attendance was Susanna Brisk, who gave a fascinating seminar called “How Sexually Intuitive Are You?”

Sex educator Elle Chase gave an empowering seminar called Curvy Girl Sex, all about body positive positions and sex accessories that work for every body shape and size! Dr. Hernando Chaves‘s seminar was called “Embodied Sexuality for Men” where he encouraged the audience to look at sexuality as a dynamic and evolving experience that starts with the curiosity to discover new ways to find sensation and satisfaction.

Bunny Lampert so graciously honored me with my very own golden Sybian – the Lamborghini of sex toys! I’m very excited to try out this ‘saddle’ sex toy and she gave me three separate attachments to use with it. This luxury toy is very beneficial for women who don’t have a partner, or menopausal women who want to take responsibility for their own sexual pleasure and orgasm independently. I’m hoping it will end up on Oprah’s list of ‘Favorite Things’! Look for a review of this ‘world’s most powerful vibrator’ coming soon here on Sexpert in the toy section.


Jessica Drake had a packed crowd for her Wicked Guide to Blowjobs, and she won Sexpert of the Year 2016. She is writer, director, producer and host of instructional videos for Wicked Pictures that combine education and erotic demonstrations on topics that range from Female Masturbation to BDSM for Beginners. She’s one of adult film’s most celebrated actresses and travels the world speaking about progressive sexual education.

Psalm Isadora spoke about Taking Care of Your Own Pleasure & Self-Care, teaching her audience some Orgasmic Yoga breathing techniques that were highly entertaining to listen to in a big room full of people. It was a fun talk where she incorporated her many types of expertise into one empowering message and I got to interview her for


I was honored to give legendary Dr. Ruth Westheimer her Sexual Health Expo Lifetime Achievement award.

Dr. Ruth’s seminar was called “Sexual Literacy” where she talked about online dating, consensual sex, sexual pleasure, sexual health, orgasm and more. Dan Harary, the publicist for the SHE Expo read questions from anonymous people which was definitely a highlight, with emcee Reid Mihalko pantomiming pegging and the Sybian to enhance Dr. Ruth’s answers.

Dr. Ruth has always been my inspiration, as we were both born in Eastern Europe, we were both raised in an orphanage, and we both came to America dreaming of a new life, where we found our passion, helping people with their love lives. Her crowd was standing room only.



Here are Gordon Lake and Erika Jordan, our fabulous cast and crew for the event. They covered the trade floor getting the scoop on all the latest sex toys and products, and filmed many sex mythbusters by sexperts which will be featured here on soon.




Dr. Cat Meyer, myself, Symon Murray, Dr. Nancy Sutton-Pierce and Miyoko at our booth.


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Dr. Ava Cadell is America’s #1 Sexpert as a Clinical Sexologist, Sex Counselor, Founder of Loveology University & President of the American College of Sexologists International. Author of 9 books including the upcoming Sexycises by Sexperts: Intimacy Through Yoga, Dr. Ava is also a sought after media therapist & global speaker; her mission is to empower people to overcome sexual guilt & shame so they can enjoy the benefits of healthy, sexual relationships.