How One Woman Restored Her After-Baby Vagina To Her Before-Baby Vagina

We all know that sex after childbirth isn’t the same as honeymoon sex, but some couples experience such a big difference before and after that they seek counseling to get things back on track.

I have many clients who share similar stories to Christine’s below, but hers resonated with me since she was able to find a solution that truly changed her life. As effective as my private counseling can be, I can’t take all the credit for this one because I gave her a product that I was introduced to through the medical community.

Here is Christine’s story, which she so graciously shared with me. I hope you like a happy ending as much as I do!

Christine’s Story

I am 42, married 20 years, and have had 2 children vaginally [as opposed to C-section – ed.]. I had a mediolateral episiotomy with my first child, and a very rapid second birth which required stitches.

I was researching pessaries [a device that’s placed into the vagina to support the uterus – ed.] and even pelvic floor surgery or vaginal rejuvenation surgery because I was leaking urine when I sneezed and was so loose. I was getting up several times a night to urinate as well and found myself rushing out of Zumba class before it was over. I did Kegels but no matter how hard I squeezed, or how often, my vagina gaped.

I first became aware of my pelvic changes  six weeks after our first child was born. My husband and I made love and both of us could hardly feel anything. We were suprised. I thought, well, in time it will get better. I remember touching the right side of my vaginal opening, and even though everything was healed, I could feel a gap where the muscle must have been cut or torn and healed improperly.

My husband was loving, kind and patient, but he didn’t sigh like he used to when he entered me. It took him a long time to climax. I didn’t climax. Eventually we were down to making love every other month.

When I read about the Intensity on, I called Dr. Ava. It sounded like electrical stimulation might just work, and I was willing to give it a try, especially since I couldn’t bring myself to tell my male doctor at my annual about my urine leaks, sexual issues, with my laxity. After each pelvic exam, I was told  “Do Kegels,” but they never seemed to work.

A couple of days after I started using  Intensity, I sneezed and stayed dry. Then I began noticing all kinds of deeper muscles contracting when I used the electrical stimulator. I told my husband I had a surprise for him and then squeezed my muscles when we were making love and he felt it!! After almost 2 weeks of daily 10 minute use, I could feel him on every side of my vagina. I orgasmed!! We have found a new enthusiasm and energy!! 
I am a believer in simple, natural things. When I was pregnant, I slathered olive oil on my belly to prevent stretch marks. I bound my abdomen soon after birth to help my abs tighten up…I am so relieved to have found a non-surgical way to strengthen my pelvic muscles and improve my sex life and marriage!

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