Top Ten Sex Toys for Creating Your Own Fifty Shades of Grey Fantasy—Part One

Fifty shades of greay pleasure collection sex toys review

Creating Your Fifty Shades Fantasy with Sex Toys

Inspired by the popular erotic trilogy by E.L. James, women everywhere are looking for ways to bring the fantasies in the books into their own bedrooms. Read on to discover the top five Fifty Shades of Grey sex toys you can use to spice up your sex life, as used by Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey, as well as ideas on what to do with them and how to use them safely. (The other top 5 coming next week!)

Edible Sensation Products

“I pull him deeper into my mouth so I can feel him at the back of my throat and then to the front again. My tongue swirls around the end. He’s my very own Christian Grey-flavored popsicle. I suck harder and harder . . . Hmm . . . My inner goddess is doing the merengue with some salsa moves.” – Anastasia Steele

Edible Sensation Products are tasty treats used during oral play to turn your lover into a delectable feast.  They come in many forms from liquids to gels, to dusting powders, body soufflés, creams, body paints and flavored lubes.  There are also a variety of flavors to suit anyone’s palate.  Chocolate body paints are fun to play with and taste delicious.  There are also many “lover’s kits” on the market that provide an assortment of edible products to try out at once.  Aside from being tasty, many of these edible delights produce cooling, heating, or tingling sensations when blown or licked upon, appealing to your sense of touch as well as taste. (Shown left: Crazy Girl Oral Sex Gel on “Oooh Cotton Candy”… YUMMERS!)

Ben Wa Balls

“I flush from the constant movement of the silver balls. They weigh down inside me, massaging me internally and make me needy, needy for sex. Oh, the sensation is exquisite.” – Anastasia Steele

Ben Wa Balls have become very popular since the launch of Fifty Shades.  What exactly are Ben Wa Balls and how do you use them?  Ben Wa Balls (also called Oriental or Geisha balls, kegel balls, orgasm balls, love balls and silver balls, in the books) are insertable vaginal balls used for strengthening the pelvic floor muscle (PC) and for enhancing sexual stimulation.  Ben Wa Balls come in singles or pairs which are often attached by a string. Some are also weighted.  They are best used during foreplay to warm you up, as you squeeze your PC muscle around them while they jiggle and dance inside of you.  They are considered a foreplay toy and are not usually used during penetration. (Shown right: Beyond Aroused Kegel Balls Set… Pump it Up!)


“He plants soft wet kisses on my shoulder as he withdraws his fingers from me, and moves the wand down. It oscillates over my stomach, my belly, onto my sex, against my clitoris … it’s intense.” – Anastasia Steele

Vibrators are an exciting way to add stimulation to your sexy time and foreplay.  While many vibrators are used solo, wireless ones can be used in couple’s play.  Imagine your guy with the controls of your vibrator while you sit at a fancy restaurant for dinner, your vibrating bullet nestled and tingling between your thighs.  No one but you and your guy is in on your little secret as you smile your pleasure when dessert arrives.  Giving up control during sex play can be thrilling, and wireless vibes offer a fun way for your partner to take part in your pleasure.  The longer he teases you and denies your climax the more powerful your orgasm will be.  And, if you are not into a public “When Harry Met Sally” scene, wireless vibes can be used for private play as well. (Shown left: Fifty Shades Relentless Vibe Remote Egg… Mmmm! I’ll have what she is having, PLEASE!)

Butt Plugs

His fingers trail between my buttocks spreading oil … Instantly the plug inside me starts to vibrate–down there! … It feels alien, full, forbidden … but oh … so … good … As my body explodes, I’m nothing but sensation–everywhere.” – Anastasia Steele

If you are interested in trying anal play, starting with a small, soft butt plug is ideal for exploration.  Silicone anal toys are highly recommended as they are easy to clean, supple, and can be disinfected.  Choose a small butt plug to begin with or a beginner’s kit that has several sizes.  Make sure to use a good thick anal lube and use lots of it as the anus is not self-lubricating like the vagina.  Go slow and gently insert the plug, allowing yourself to relax and accommodate the toy.  Your experience will be much better if you are already aroused by other means beforehand, since the more relaxed you are the easier it is for insertion.  Don’t use numbing creams for anal play.  This is about pleasure and not about trying to insert something that may be uncomfortable or painful.  If you don’t like the sensation, or if it hurts, take it out.  If you do like it, butt plugs can be inserted for an extended period of time, during foreplay or regular vaginal penetration to add a feeling of pleasurable fullness inside of you. (Shown right: Something Forbidden Butt Plug… Oh My!)

Nipple Clamps

“These are for both pleasure and pain.” Christian murmurs. Christian releases the first clamp and then the other, causing my nipples to sing with a surge of sweet, sweet pain… but it’s oh-so good. – Christian Grey and Ana Steele.

Many women enjoy nipple play during foreplay and sex.  Nipple clamps can add extra sensation hands-free and a naughty sense of excitement.  Adjustable nipple clamps, such as Bull Nose or Alligator clamps are the best ones to use, as they allow you to adjust the pressure and therefore the sensation.  In my guide “Nipple Clamps 101” I recommend, pinching “as much of the areola between [the clamps] that you can…  The areola can stand more pressure than the nipples themselves, so you can actually make them a bit tighter and leave them on longer.  The longer you can leave them, the more time to play [and] the more tolerable and pleasurable they become.”  Nipple clamps tend to numb the nipples a bit while they are on, so it is when they are removed and the nerve endings awaken that they can cause the most pain.  So be aware of that while you play.  Clamps should be tight enough to stay on when pulled, but not so tight as to cause considerable pain.  Remember, it is about pleasure pushing the boundaries into pain. (Shown above: At My Mercy Beaded Chain Nipple Clamps… So good, it hurts!)

As with any type of “BDSM” play, safe, sane and consensual is the creed.  So play safely and learn about the activities you want to try.  Discuss your desires with your partner and don’t forget to tell them your limits.  It is also good to have a safe word like “RED” that means stop in a scene, that you can communicate to your partner and they know to stop the play right away.  So, to get the most out of your erotic adventures, play safe and have fun!

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Stayed tuned for: “Top Ten Sex Toys for Creating Your Own Fifty Shades of Grey Fantasy—Part Two” and you can find out about the next five naughty toys to get for your playroom!

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