Sex Toy Company Offers “Design A Sex Toy” Competition

U.K. sex toy company Lovehoney is looking for their next orgasmatronic sex toy inventor! “Are you a sex toy connoisseur? An engineer? A graphic designer, inventor or incessant doodler?” they ask. “Send us your sex toy idea and we could turn it into a product that earns you more than $150,00 in royalties! There are 3 categories to enter: Sex Toys for Men, Sex Toys for Women and Sex Toys for Couples. The winner of each category will win $1,500 and the Judges’ Pick will receive an extra $3,000, making it a grand total of $7,500 of prize money… plus the chance to have your toy made and earn uncapped royalties.”

Previous winners include Trev Murphy from Dublin, Ireland, who invented the “Sqweel”, a multi-tongued Oral Sex Simulator back in 2009. The rest is oral history, and he has since sold hundreds of thousands of units and earned over $150,000 in royalties.

“When I entered the DAST competition I was a struggling artist, living in the Irish countryside with not a whole lot to do,” he says. “Winning the DAST competition and having a toy on the market has allowed me to move to the awesome city of Toronto, Canada and have hobbies like comedy improv. My life has changed a lot.” Sex toys and comedy sounds good to us.

The contest ends December 31st, and the company is especially looking for “sex toys which don’t look like sex toys. For couples with kids or a busy home, a discreet toy is a plus.” In other words, don’t design a massive, veiny penis looking device that you have to frantically hide in the closet right before your mother-in-law comes over. (On the other hand, she might secretly enjoy a big, veiny penis.)

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