One In Four People Have A Secret Sex Fantasy They Want To Do With Their Partner

A new sex survey of 2,000 men and women found that 27% of respondents have a hot, “secret” sex fantasy that they want to do with their partner — but haven’t told them yet! The study, commissioned by Eden Fantasys, reported that 36% of those surveyed also said they had a secret fetish they want to try out. For those people, it’s time to talk about sex with the person they’re having sex with!

The sex toy seller also found that almost half, 49% of people liked using sex toys. 34% said they wanted to be playing with some sex toys some more. The sex toy business in America is huge now, with people buying more sex toys than they are buying porn.

The study also reported that 40% of Americans claim to be “kinky,” with 51% of them saying they had a fetish or specific kink, such as spanking or foot loving. One interesting finding was the fact that 51% of people who reported they had a fetish or kinky interest said that it took them at least a month or longer to bring it up with a new lover. (“Honey, did I ever tell you that I’m into clown porn?”)

The study also revealed 24% of respondents said they were down with going up the Hershey Highway– and another 16% said they liked the idea of trying anal sex for the first time.  76% of the Americans surveyed described themselves as “sexually adventurous,” which is a good thing. 13% said they wanted to try a threesome, and also interesting is that 29% of people said they enjoyed “rough sex.”

We suggest discussing what sex “acts” you have tried, want to try, and don’t want to try. Make a “Yes,” “No,” and “Maybe” list of 1-10 sexual activities that sound intriguing to you and have your boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse or lover/honey do the same.

Compare notes and see what sexual fantasies you have in common. The “No” activities are non-negotiable. For instance, if you say “No” to anal sex because he has a super gigantic penis that you can barely stuff into your vagina, then you are allowed to say no. As we’ve all learned from the recent stories of awkward first-time sexual encounters, “bad” sex is when there is limited communication, and “good” sex happens when people talk about all the sexy stuff they’re going to do to each other before they do it.

The Top 5 Sex Acts In America People Have Tried:

  • Sex toys (49 percent)
  • Rough sex (29 percent)
  • Role play (29 percent)
  • Anal sex (24 percent)
  • Spanking (24 percent)

The Top 5 Sex Acts Americans Wanna Try:

  • Sex toys (30 percent)
  • Rough sex (18 percent)
  • Role play (17 percent)
  • Anal sex (16 percent)
  • Submission / Dominance (14 percent)
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