New “AutoBlow” Sex Toy Feels (Almost) Like Someone’s Mouth

Scientists have been “hard at work” inventing a high-tech sex toy that feels like someone’s mouth. The “Autoblow Al” say the inventors, “was designed to “replicate human oral sex techniques.” For $129.00, the toy promises to mimic the sensations of another person’s mouth, and hopefully feel better than using your own hand, for a change.

Autoblow Al, the third generation after Autoblow 1 and 2, is “the first device ever that uses artificial intelligence to replicate human sexual techniques. “Experience the science of artificial intelligence applied to your penis,” they say. At least science is good for something.

The research team, which included robotics engineers and artificial intelligence scientists, spent hours and hours (6 days worth) watching porn. This was done in order to “analyze a large data set of oral sex videos to discover for the first time the actual movements occurring during blowjobs.” They then took their research into the “10 blowjob experiences.”

There are 10 strokes, including the “full stroke”, the “intense edge,” the “fast edge,” the “top stroke” which is “great for a small penis,” and a “bottom stroke” which is great for a monster penis.

“Virtually every other male sex toy that strokes,” says the company “strokes only in complete strokes from the top to the bottom of the penis. But full top to bottom stroking of the penis is only one of many possible oral sex techniques. The new Autoblow’s techniques are far more advanced.”

“We decided to focus on one particular act, the blowjob,” says the Autoblow team, “and to devote our company almost entirely to building devices that recreate the blowjob experience without a partner. We believe that psychologically, the sensation of our machine stimulating you without using your hands offers a deeper, more intense, and more satisfying masturbation experience.”

The new “Blow Job To Go”. Take it with you for some “road head.”


And for those who want to start with a blowjob, then move to sticking your Johnson into a vagina or an anus, there is a lady business sleeve and a butthole attachment now in production.

Check out their indiegogo page, which has already surpassed expectations, because as everyone knows, every man loves a b.j. “We’re the blowjob machine people,” they say. Our company holds the record for the highest amount of money raised in crowdfunding for any male sex toy. In 2014, on Indiegogo, we crowdfunded the Autoblow 2 which, over time, raised more than $381,000 from more than 3300 backers. During the last 4 years, we sold the Autoblow 2 and its improved versions (Autoblow 2+ and Autoblow 2+XT) to more than 200,000 men around the world.” Auto blow jobs are making someone rich. But we believe in donating to science.

Photos from Autoblow.

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