November Giveaway! The Womanizer – Review by Domina Doll

It’s a vibrator? It’s a clitoral sucker? No… It’s the Womanizer! Shazam!

I don’t know what the heck it is, or care what it is called. All I know it is the most effective orgasmic clit-blasting pleasure toy ever made.

The first time I used it I came in under 5 seconds. I was like OMG! Then I tried it again within a minute afterwards and had an uncontrollable explosive squirting orgasm within 5 seconds. I lay there mystified, quaking and unable to move I was so weak. “This thing is freaking amazing!!!”

Warning: The Womanizer is addictive.

So, what exactly is the Womanizer?


It is a small hand held sex toy with a funnel shaped clitoral sucker on the end that also vibrates. The funnel/sucker fits around the entire clitoris and provides mild vacuum suction to suck the clitoral head inside. Then it also applies ‘pulsating pressure waves’ (vibrations) all around it and causes out-of-control spontaneous orgasms.

Snazzy Designs

The Womanizer comes in 8 “snazzy” designs: Red Rose, Black Leopard, Blue Crocodile, Pink Crocodile, Black Tattoo, Fuchsia Snow Leopard, Purple Crystal Dreams and Black Leopard Crystals. I think they look totally “Très chic, très hip, très sexy!


Easy Peasy to Use

This toy only has two buttons. One for ON/OFF and the big “GEM” button to cycle through the intensity settings. I think I had my setting half way up when I had the first orgasm (I can’t remember the exact setting because it blew my mind… literally). I couldn’t stand it full power, as it was CRAZY extreme.

Rechargeable, Yes!

Yes, the Womanizer is also rechargeable. Plug in and recharge for 4 hours for 90 minutes of orgasms. Whoohoo!

Body Safe Materials

These beauties are also made of 100% body safe materials: plastic case with silicone suction head. The Limited Edition Swarovski Womanizers also have Swarovski Crystals, the ultimate in luxury and sell for a measly $549.00 US dollars on

Care and Cleaning

Wash with a damp cloth, or sex toy wipes. The silicone head also comes off so you can wash it separately. Good for squirting orgasms.


The Womanizer comes in a pink plastic storage case, great for travel or storage, and is ultra sturdy so will keep this baby safe and sound.

Final Words

I don’t know what to say about this toy, other than it is utterly amazing and is the crack cocaine of sex toys. Seriously addictive…

Every woman should have a Womanizer.

Visit for more details and purchasing info.

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  1. I love the Womanizer Pro Stimulator. It`s Amazing! Nice Design, good work, intensive feelings! 🙂 A new technology, which make me feel lose control! A very powerful toy for special moments alone.