‘Eye of Love’ Pheromone Jewelry Review by Erika Jordan

I invite you to watch my review of the new pheromone jewelry collection from Dr. Ava Cadell and Eye of Love!

Human pheromones are chemicals released by our bodies that send subconscious “scent signals” to prospective partners, and can trigger very powerful sexual responses. Your body naturally emits pheromones every day, but Eye of Love uses high quality pheromones to increase this attraction.

What I found wearing this jewelry was that I received more attention in general, socially, and I know there has also been a lot of research to show that pheromones can help you in business as well, by creating a charismatic pull toward you that makes people want to be in your orbit and agree with things you suggest.

In this video I’m showing my Eye of Love lava rock necklace, which is a sexy black pendant that gets spritzed with the pheromone-laced perfume that sinks into its porous surface. Lava rock is considered to be a ‘grounding’ stone that is useful in dissipating anger and gives us strength, courage and stability. When infused with pheromones it starts working its magic.

Learn more at www.eyeoflove.com.



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