bee2gether vibe – Toy Review

At the risk of sounding utterly sexist, sometimes it takes a woman to get women’s sex toy just right. That’s where Kelli Young, creator of the bee2gether vibe comes in. Not only is she a licensed sex therapist, but she’s also a psychotherapist, marriage and family therapist, and occupational therapist. And, she designed this with the 75% of women who don’t orgasm through vaginal penetration alone in mind.

The bee2gether vibe is a couples’ sex toy with a silicone cock ring attached to a studded vibrating extension (approx. 2-inches long by 1.5-inches wide) that comes with a handy-dandy wireless remote control and a USB charging base (no batteries needed!). Its patent-pending “Pleasure Zone Design” is made to fit the clit and vulva just right.

The bee2together vibe in its charging dock.

But, what it doesn’t advertise is that it feels good on the anus too! I decided to try it out by myself, and with my boyfriend, in several different positions and here’s what I found…


It’s a fun little number to add to your self-love repertoire. It can be worn over your fingers for a nice clitoral rub, or you can wear it over a dildo if you’re in the mood for penetration and clitoral stimulation. And, it’s waterproof so it’s a welcome addition to your bubble bath.


First, let me make a case for this position. The missionary position gets a bad rap. Personally, it’s my go-to position for morning sex when I’m not quite awake yet for positions that require more energy, such as Cowgirl or any standing position. And, it’s also my go-to for post-workout sex when my yoga-tortured quads shiver at the thought of Reverse Cowgirl. With the vibrator positioned right on your clitoris, this toy lets you just lay there being as lazy in bed as you want to but still get off.

Cowgirl, a.k.a. Woman on Top

There’s one trick to having him wear this for Cowgirl. It did its job when I was on top of him grinding or swirling. But, it’s not so great if you are pumping up and down on his rod because it doesn’t hit the bull’s eye every time.

Reverse Cowgirl

Similar to regular Cowgirl, you have to make sure it’s in the right place. If you’re bouncing around like crazy, the vibe’s not going to hit the clit each time. I had more fun in this position by taking it off his penis and putting it on my fingers to use while riding him.

Back Door Play

It’s not technically an anal toy, but we decided to go off-script a bit and try it out in the backdoor. In Cowgirl, I reversed the ring so the vibrator was touching my anus. The vibration felt great there, so I tried to insert it a little but it was too short to stay put there – and, wasn’t designed for that anyway. You can wear it backwards in Missionary too to get that same vibrating sensation down there. For women intrigued by anal, but not quite ready to go there, it’s small enough that it makes for a great introductory anal vibe – kind of like a vibrating anal bullet that you insert with your hand.

There’s good news and bad news for the man in this equation as well. The good news is that that, like with most cock rings, it can help him last longer. And, some men love the vibrating sensation. But others can be distracted by it. If you love it, but he doesn’t just tell him this: “It’s less multi-tasking for YOU to do in bed!”

bee2together vibe creator Kelli Young.
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