The 20 Best Sex Toys for Real Lesbians—Part 2

So, Cosmo put out the “11 Best Lesbian Sex Toys for Couples” two weeks ago.  Then, last week, I decided to do my own list for “REAL” Lesbians, like the real lesbians above in “Orange is the New Black”.  So, I added “The 20 Best Sex Toys for Real Lesbians—Part 1”, which had the first top 10 best lesbian sex toys in it, here.

Today I give you, the next 10 awesome, amazing, sexalicious lesbian sex toys for REAL lesbians and their REAL Lesbian Lovers.

Without further ado… Here are the toys!

Voulez Vouz Edible Massage Candle Fondat Au Chocolat for Vagetarians and Muffers

I love candles, especially candles you can use during sex, or foreplay.  These sexy massage candles are made from soy, which means they have a low melting point so are safe on skin, are edible, and moisturizing.

To use, light the candle to create the atmosphere and allow the aroma to awaken the senses. Wait about 20 minutes and the melted candle wax has now become a warm massage oil that you can pour all over your lover’s body, rub in and lick off.  Make oral sex that much better. Yum!

This edible massage product is made in Paris.  The container has a convenient pour spout so you don’t spill it where you don’t want it.  The flavor is delicious: Chocolate Fondue.

*Note: I’ve tasted a lot of sexual edible products in the past like flavored lubes which usually taste plastic and simulated, kind of like fake lesbians.  So, make sure you get the real thing! 😉

Her Anal Kit for Anal Attentive Queers

What’s a girl gotta do to get a good anal kit these days?  Usually they are all pink, have 3 different sizes of anal plugs and that’s it, or they might have a vibrator, but it doesn’t have a flanged bottom, so not safe for anal.  What’s up with that?

I decided to scour the shelves so I could present you with this really cool anal kit, which is great for beginners or intermediates, and has everything you need to get started and enjoy an orgasmic anal play date.  Plus, its not pink.

Okay, so what’s inside the Her Anal Kit?

  • A Superior Silicone Rocker Probe with curved base for comfort and fit.
  • A Silicone Glider Probe with tapered end and retrieval loop.
  • A set of Silicone beginner anal beads that are pliable and durable.
  • A Powerful multi-speed bullet vibrator to stimulate all your zones.

What really cool about this kit is that you can share it with another anal lover, because it has two anal probes.  And, all products are made out of silicone (except bullet) which can be sterilized, and safely shared.

Sex & Mischief’s Heart-shaped Silicone Anal Beads for Molly Dykes

If you are not quite ready for a whole anal kit, but want to try out anal play, then the Sex and Mischief Collection Silicone Anal Beads are the way to go.

Notice these beads are heart-shaped, which means they have a flat end at the top, which allows them to stay inside easier and also produces more intensity when pulled out.  Plus a pointed end for easy insertion.

These beads are made from high quality silicone so can be sterilized before and after use.  Use with a water based lube only.

Crystal Delight Kitty Medallion Plug for Glamour Puss Dykes

Then we have the ultimate in anal bling with Crystal Delight’s Kitty Medallion Pink Butt Plug for Glamour Puss Dykes. Yeah, sorry about the pink 😉

Created out of beautifully handcrafted glass, this pleasure purroduct is available in either clear or pink, and features a stunning image of a Kitty in rhinestones on the base. This saucy Kitty toy comes with her very own handcrafted pouch for storage and travel.

Sex & Mischief Feather Slapper for Bambi-sexuals

Perhaps your sexual fantasies are more along the lines of a bit of slap and tickle?  Well, Sex and Mischief from Sportsheets has you covered with this Feather Slapper.

This slapper features a sturdy crop for lusty smacks on one end, and a luxurious soft featured tickler on the other end, to tease and ease the blows.

Pro Tip: Use a blindfold to keep her guessing about what is coming next!

Red Dragon 5 Piece Satin Bondage Set for BullDyke Tops and Fairy Lady Bottoms

This Red Dragon 5 Piece Satin Bondage Set by XR Brands is to die for.  I just love the sensual and elegant Asian design reminiscent of Geisha and ancient courtesans.

This is definitely a playful love slave set, rather than a hardcore bondage kit, meant to be used to seduce your lover with sensory play and tease her to exquisite orgasm.

Made of silky satin with easy to use Velcro closures and corset style laces.

Pocket Dungeon Kit for U-haul Lesbians

The Pocket Dungeon Kit is one of the coolest BDSM toys ever invented.  It has EVERYTHING your need to create an experienced bondage or D/s play scene… all in one, teeny-tiny little kit made out of napa leather.  So, yes, perfect for U-haul lesbians!

The Kit includes:

  • Benyi Jou Kubton: A unique, versatile tool that is a telescoping, multiple sensation toy to be used with its multiple attachments.
  • Cane: Tuck the poles into each other to increase the weight for more options in sensations go from light sting, to heavy thud.
  • Riding Crop: Slide the pole into the tube at the bottom of the leather crop tip attachment for lots of fun with your pony or princess.
  • Ball Chain Flogger: six 4 inches stainless steel falls of sensuous chain.
  • Leather Flogger: six 5 inches soft suede tendrils of luscious leather.
  • Benyi Bull Whip: 20 inches Adjustable leather fall with a 5 inches nylon cracker.
  • Two Cotter Cuffs: Very comfortable adjustable leather cuffs that when secured with the cotter buttons allow you to attach wrists to each other or to the door jams. The cotter cuffs come with two options for securing: padlocks or carabineers.
  • Two Door Jams: Leather straps with D-rings attached, to secure your lover to a door frame and allows their body to become your canvas to play with.
  • Two Light bombers: These flashlights have been included to keep the door jams in any door, and to give you light options of red and white.
  • Blindfold: You have the option of eyes open or closed with this custom designed, cushioned, leather blindfold.
  • Knife: Used for sensory play.
  • Five Claws: Adjustable 5 stainless steel claws slip easily on the fingertips leaving your finger flesh exposed. Now your play can range from loving strokes to lightning strikes!

Under the Bed Restraint System for Femme Dommes and SAMs

As far as restraints go, the Under the Bed Restraint System by Sportsheets is a #1 bestseller.  It is portable, easy to set up and use, and will transform any bed in to a sexy bondage dungeon.  Great for travel!

You can also use theses restraints to enable various sex positions for exciting new ways to have sex.

Pro Tip: For SAMs (Smart Ass Masochists) use with a ball gag!

Mystim Pure Vibes eStim Unit for Kikis

Not many couples are into electro-stimulation.  I think this is because they’ve never heard of electro-sex, they don’t know what it is, or they fear it.

But with Mystim’s Pure Vibes eStim Unit, there is really nothing to fear, because it is completely safe to use.*

The kit creates an “electric” current through the skin that can be mild and tickling to an abrupt intense zap.

Use the digital controller with 2 channels to change the intensity, speed and rhythm of the pulses.

The Mystic also sells several attachments including dildos, vibes, anal plugs and more, for electo-sizzling sex! Check out these Magic Gloves (shown above)!

*Warning: Current must never flow through the heart. Do not use if you have a pacemaker, are pregnant, if you suffer from epilepsy, or on any broken or inflamed skin.

King Cock Deluxe Inflatable Vibrating Hot Seat for Strum Queens

If you want to get a toy that will guarantee hours of fun and orgasms, then the King Cock Deluxe Inflatable Vibrating Hot Seat is for you.

Basically, it is a bouncing toy for adults, that features a large (choose between 6” or 8”) vibrating dildo on top to insert and bounce upon.

I know what your mind is thinking…  “Yehaw, ride em cowgirl, giddy up!”

Yes, indeed.  Your sexy bouncing stallion awaits.  Plus hours of fun for your lover too, as they watch you self-pleasure on your lively stud. Or visa-versa.

Be careful though, this toy could be addictive.
*Hot Seat holds up to 300 pounds.


So, that’s it for my round-up of the 20 Best Sex Toys for Real Lesbians for today.  If you missed last week’s other 10 Best Sex Toys for REAL Lesbians it is here.

Check out all these toys and more at our shop for REAL lesbians and their friends!

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