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Pheromones—The Scent of Sex

Have you ever been aroused by someone’s scent?  I remember this guy I was going out with who left his t-shirt at my house, and every night I slept with it and drank in his essence.

It was intoxicating.

Was it his pheromones that enticed me to snuggle his t-shirt, or his unique manly odor?  Likely it was a bit of both.

But, do pheromones actually work to attract potential partners?  Find out in this review of Eye of Love Pheromone products.

What Are Pheromones?

Pheromones are a type of hormone, from the Greek words: pherein (to transfer), and hormon (to excite).

Sexual pheromones are airborne volatile chemical hormones that are released from the body via the skin: through eccrine (sweat), sebaceous (oil), and apocrine glands (armpits and genitals).  Pheromones are said to arouse and stimulate our senses and signal to the opposite sex our desirability, or readiness to mate.  While pheromones don’t have a discernible scent, they are sensed by an organ in the nasal passage known as a Vomeronasal Organ (VNO) and subconsciously they can trigger a sexual response in the opposite sex.

Pheromones can also give us lots of other information as well.  For men, they can sense whether a female fertile or ovulating, and for women, they can detect the genetic make-up (genotype) of a certain male to see whether his genes are compatible with hers.  This sense of knowing is not conscious, and we sense it in whether we find that person sexually attractive or not.

The Sexual Science of Scents

Our sense of smell is our most evocatively powerful emotional sense and can trigger emotions, mood, behavior and even our physiology.  For example, a scent can trigger a feeling of desire, which in turn can increase your heart rate, so even your body responds to the scent or pheromone physically through involuntary chemical reaction.

Sexual pheromones are called “releaser” type pheromones and elicit an immediate sexual response in those who respond to them.  Male pheromones include Androstenone associated with alpha male social dominance. Female pheromones include Androstenedione associated with female desire and Copulines, which is secreted when a woman is ovulating which triggers an increase in testosterone in men.

In various studies, it was determined that the way a man smells or his pheromones, is a significant factor to how much a woman will desire him sexually.  In another study, men wearing a scent felt more attractive and confident than men without it, which has been called the “Axe” affect.  So, for men, when you smell good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you are more attractive to women.  For women, if a man smells good, she feels romantic emotions towards him.

According to another study, “On the nature of mammalian and human pheromones,”[i] pheromones can provoke pleasurable emotions, including:

  • A heightened state of relaxation and ease especially in social situations
  • Less anxiety
  • Increased confidence
  • Decrease of social butterflies
  • Feeling more attractive
  • Happier; more optimistic outlook
  • Enhanced working relationships
  • Revved-up sex life
  • More romantic relationships
  • Empowered
  • Increased sense of well-being

Review of Eye of Love Pheromone Products

Eye of Love creates pheromone based perfumes and colognes designed to attract the opposite sex.  These products combine both pheromones and scents: the pheromones arouse a sexual response, while the fragrance enhances that specific mood.

The pheromones used in their products are Estratetraenol (to attract men), and Androstenol (to attract men).

I received four different products to review: Love on the Run: Seduce Spray (for women) and Rebel Spray (for men), After Dark Pheromone Parfum (for women) and Romantic Pheromone Cologne (for men).

I tested these products on myself, my partner, and another couple I know who were interested in trying pheromones out on themselves.

All the scents were amazing, each one unique and evoking a different mood.  They are high quality scents designed in France and last a long time.  Cheap scents tend to fade quickly, and these scents lasted all day (or night!) long.  When they first go on, they are very powerful, (a tiny amount, like one spray, goes a long way), but within an hour or so, they melt into a soft, subtle fragrance that mixes with your own unique body aroma.

Love on the Run – Seduce

Seduce and Rebel came packaged together in a box labelled “Love on the Run”, containing 5ml each of the roll-on “arousing pheromone parfum”.

Seduce is used by women, and has a distinct rose scent, especially when it first goes on.  Then, the other more subtle woodsy undertones of jasmine (considered an aphrodisiac which has a calming effect) and citrusy scent of bergamot can be detected.  Jasmine has been admired in some cultures as “the perfume of love” and Karma, the Indian God of Love was said to tip his arrows with jasmine blossoms in order “to pierce the heart through the senses”.[ii]

I liked this scent, and found it had a fresh, yet floral bouquet.  My partner said it smelled clean and womanly, and was arousing.

Love on the Run – Rebel

Rebel—used by men—reminds me a bit of Polo, one of my favorite male colognes. It has a fresh, clean scent with the underlying sensual hint of musk.  Musk has a very primal, animalistic, earthy aroma, and has been used for centuries as a sensual aphrodisiac, and reportedly women are 1000 times more sensitive to its essence.

I loved this scent, and found it very stimulating.  My partner liked the scent and said it was something he would wear, and he is very particular about wearing scents, preferring his “manly, Yes!” Irish Spring soap and natural essence.

I tried this one on my male friend and told him to go home, but not tell his girlfriend he was wearing it.  Apparently he got lucky, LOL!


Romantic—used by guys—also has a very clean fragrance, but becomes more sensual as it absorbs into the skin, with sandalwood, vanilla and musky undertones.  It also contains a subtle blend of lemongrass, fresh mint, and fresh smelling herbs.  The combination is sensual, yet herbal.

I really loved this scent, and found it very erotic and arousing.  Again, my partner liked the scent as well, and he got lucky too! Wink, wink!

After Dark Pheromone Parfum

After Dark—worn by women—has a warm, sensual, rich ambiance with accents of chocolate and vanilla, and the underlying floral tones of jasmine and lily.

This had a deep, full-bodied, rich redolence, like incense, and was dark and moody.  My partner liked this scent the best, and said it was erotic and sexy.

My girlfriend tried this scent on her boyfriend, and they were both very aroused.

This size comes in a refillable golden spray container, with a refill, and is beautifully packaged.

Do Pheromones Work?

Whether pheromones work or not is still up for debate.  Because they can’t be “sensed” in the usual ways (the have no scent) some scientists are not sure humans can have any reaction to them.  However, many studies have proved they do produce a response.

In my pseudo s-experiment, the scents did evoke a sensual/sexual response and seemed to arouse the senses.  Whether it was the pheromones, or the actual aroma, I’m not sure.  But, either way it doesn’t seem to matter, as they appear to work well to set the mood for lovemaking.

At any rate, I would highly recommend them if you are into scents, as they are evocative, sensual and provoke a desirable ambiance.  I feel sexy just wearing them!

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[i] McClintock MK, “On the nature of mammalian and human pheromones.” Ann N Y Acad Sci, Nov. 1998 30; 855: 390-2.

[ii] Jasmine: its Story in Aromatherapy: https://timnoonan.com.au/resources/health-and-wellbeing/jasmine-story-aromatherapy/

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