Study Says Men Exaggerate Number Of Sex Partners

While most women downplay the number of sexual partners they’ve had, men do the opposite. A recent study from the University of Glasgow found that men totally exaggerated how many people they stuck their manhood into.

From a psychological and sociological standpoint, the massive study reinforces the prevalent fact that men who sleep with lots of women are seen as studs and heroes, while women who do the exact same thing are seen as ho’s.

The survey involved 15,162 men & women aged 16-74 and was called “Why do men report more opposite sex sexual partners than women? Analysis of the gender discrepancy.” Interestingly, oral sex was not counted as “having sex” so b.j.’s don’t add to one’s “number.”

The study found that “In a closed population and defined time period, the mean number of opposite-sex partners reported by men and women should be equal. However, in all surveys, men report more partners.” Data was taken from Britain’s “National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles.” Men reported a mean of 14.14 lifetime partners; women reported 7.12. Why doesn’t the math add up?

The reason why men report more partners, according to the study, is that women can count pretty much the exact number of sex partners they’ve had. (Women never forget.) “A female tendency to enumerate (count instances) leads to lower estimates,” said the study,”while a male tendency to approximate, which leads to overestimates.”

And although participants were asked not to include the oral “polishing of the pole” in the number of people they counted, the study said that “a higher propensity among men was to include non-penetrative sex partners in their total count.” (“Let’s see, that’s 15 girls I did the deed with and another 20 who orally pleasured my big boy.”)

“Participants were included regardless of sexual orientation,” notes the researchers, “because people identifying as gay or lesbian may also report at least one opposite-sex partner. As long as men and women with no opposite-sex partners are included in the count, the total number of partnerships (and therefore the mean number of lifetime partners) should be equal, regardless of how people identify.” In other words, people with penises exaggerate the number of sexy time partners.

Another reason for the exaggeration, suggested the study, had to do with how  participants “perceived gendered norms and expectations.” The study concluded that “fear of social disapproval for transgressing gender norms may lead men to over report and women to under report their lifetime partners.” From now on, don’t even ask.

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