One Out Of Seven People Have Sex At Work

Are people hard at work or hardly working? A new sex survey says that 14% of people surveyed– one out of seven, are busy having sex with their co-workers. No wonder nobody is getting any work done at work. The survey also revealed that one out of ten people have had actually had sex with their boss.

The survey of 2,000 people, conducted by online sex toy retailer Eden Fantasys, found that one out of five people (20%) who have had sex at work got caught in the act. Seven out of ten people (70%) who had an office romance, said they kept their affair a secret, hiding it from the other people at work. And of the 10% of people who did it with the boss admitted they did it to increase their chances for a better “position” at work.

The “top ten most popular ways to flirt with your workplace crush” was:

1.) “Constantly joking around with them,” (38%), 2.) “Laughing at their jokes,” (33%), 3.)”Trying to hang out with them after work,” (32%), 4.)”Going out to lunch with them,” (40%), 5.)”Looking at them a lot,” (25%), 6.) “Asking them pointless questions just as an excuse to talk,” (20%), 7.) “Chatting with them on instant message,” (18%), 8.) “Making a drink/coffee for them,” (16%), 9.) “Working late just to hang,” (14%), and 10. “Being a little mean, but in a fun way,” (13%.) “Making xerox copies of your sexiest body parts” was not on the list.

34% of people said that the people they were having office affairs with were already married to other people. (“Honey, I’m working late — and super hard at the office.”)

A 2017 Australian study of 1,000 people called Not Safe For Work: Exploring Inappropriate Employee Behavior found that 42% of women performed blow jobs on the job. 30% of both men and women said they “masturbated with a partner at work,” which begs the question where? (In a stairwell? Behind their desk? In an empty conference room where they tell other co-workers they are “in a meeting?”)

That sex survey asked “When do people most often engage in sexual activities at work?” 72% said “after office hours,” 36% said “during office hours” and 17% said “before office hours,” which would be one of the few times most people would want to go to work early.

You’ll know sex with fellow co-workers is getting out of control when they put condoms and lube in the office vending machine. 92% of those in the Eden study said that when they dated someone at the office it made them more excited to go to work.

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