One Reason Why Men Hate Condoms: And What To Do About It

There is one thing most men agree on when it comes to sex: they hate condoms! But most women would love it if men wore them, so the “he hates/she loves” condom issue continues. But one condom maker, One Condoms, has it all figured out why men hate them: they don’t fit! There is a solution to every sexual problem!

One condom maker comes to the rescue. One Condoms makes “56 sizes, 10 lengths, and 9 widths.”

“Standard condoms can sometimes feel too tight, too loose, too short, too long,” they say. “Penises come in many different sizes.” Isn’t it about time condoms did too?” (Seriously, there is S, M, L, and “Omg that thing is huge.”)

On the other hand, men who are on the smallish side often buy “regular” sized condoms that are too small and hang off their willies. One condom offers their products online, so the guy who is shy to buy Kimono small sized “snugger” condoms at Walmart doesn’t have to fear the cashier thinking “Small penis on aisle four.”

In my own sex life, practically every man I’ve every had sex with has complained about condoms, and tried to convince me to go bareback. (My recommended line to a woman with a new lover is “Put this on your wang or we don’t bang.” Then say real jokey “At least you’re getting laid.”) That seems to do the trick and they can’t really argue with that.

Here are the main reasons condoms don’t fit:

–Condom is too tight.

Condoms that are too tight may be pulled off during sex.

“10-15% of condom uses report this problem.”

–Condom hangs off.

Condoms that are too long may be pulled off during sex.

“30-35% of users report this problem.”

–Foreskin drags.

Condom gets caught in the foresking and dragged up the shaft during sex, decreasing effectiveness.

“10-15% of condom users report this problem.”

–Condom is too short.

Condoms that are too short do not cover the entire shaft, decreasing effectiveness.

“5-10% of condom users report this problem.”

–Condom is too loose.

Condoms that are too loos may slip off and fall during sex.

“15-20% of condom users report this problem.”

–Condom “tourniquet.”

Condoms that are too long don’t unroll fully, leaving a thick band of latex at the base of the penis. May cause tightness, discomfort, loss of sensation, and loss of erection.

“60-77% of condoms users report this problem.”

–Condom bunches up.

Condoms that are too long may bunch up, leading to potential loss of sensation and condom pushing up and hanging off the penis.

“60-70% of users report this problem.”

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