Dr. Ava Spreads the Word About Sexual Healing

We reported on March 8th, that Dr. Ava was honored by Sexual Health Magazine with a featured cover article [read about it here] called “From Sex Symbol to Sex Guru”, where Editor-in-chief Ariana Rodriguez interviewed her about how her life journey from a refugee, to orphan, to sex symbol to sexpert led to a successful career in sexology, her new sexual healing book, what’s new with Sexycises and her pheromone jewelry line with Eye of Love.

Read the full article here on Sexual Health Magazine.

In addition to her cover article, Dr. Ava was interviewed in two other magazine features below!

In the VoyageLa interview, Dr. Ava talks about her early beginnings and how she was inspired to teach about love and sex, and become a Sexologist. She also talks about her passion for training other aspiring Love and Sexuality Coaches worldwide, as well as her charity work and other projects she is working on.  Read more below…


In Naluda Magazine, Dr. Ava talks about her work as “a world traveler and … sexual healer.”  The article also gets personal, asking fun questions about what a normal day in Dr. Ava’s world is like, what music she likes to chill to, 3 things she can’t leave the house without and more!

You can check out the article below:

Naluda Magazine.


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