A Former Sugar Baby Calls “Sugar Dating” Prostitution

A former sugar baby wants to shine the light on being a “sugar baby” and thinks people are sugar coating the issue. Alex Page, who once worked for sugar baby dating sites, calls sugar dating for what it is, and from her experience, she says it is prostitution.

Page and other sex workers from the Moonlite Bunny Ranch legal brothel in Nevada are coming out of the woodwork to talk about the strong connection between sugar dating websites and prostitution.

Page, a Bunny Ranch “working girl”, says that “sugar daddies” are creepy and rapey, and demand sex on the first “date.” She says she was was a victim of sexual violence related to sugar dating, when she left the Bunny Ranch for a brief period to explore the “sugar lifestyle.”

In a post on the brothel’s blog, Page concedes that she left her position at the famous legal bordello to explore the sugar baby lifestyle via online “sugar dating” platforms that match young girls with old dudes (mostly married) who provide these with a monetary allowance in return for “intimate services”

“I spent over four years at the Bunny Ranch before I decided to sign up on a popular sugar dating website,” she says.  Although I loved working at the ranch, I found it increasingly difficult to explain the long periods of time that I was spending away from my home in the Midwest,” Page said. “The idea of maintaining a good income locally while continuing to work in an ostensibly legal manner appealed to me.”

Page recounts an encounter with a sugar daddy that was acutely distressing, where she was grabbed roughly by the hair and dragged into the bedroom non consensually. “I yelled for him to stop,” Page said. “He told me he was going to get what he paid for.” So much for certain sugar baby sites that claim “And you don’t have to have sex with the sugar daddy! He just wants a companion for dinner.”

Now back at the Bunny Ranch, the sex worker says she’s telling her story so that young women understand that sugar dating websites facilitate unregulated and unsafe prostitution.

“I know that there are many women who have had positive experiences as independent escorts, call girls, or as sugar babies — and that there are a lot of online resources to help connect potential clients and illegal prostitutes, like sugar dating websites,” Page said. “But ‘sugar dating’ is a euphemism for ‘prostitution,’ and prostitution is an unregulated and illegal industry throughout most of the United States.”

“Only in legal establishments like my brothels can prostitution be practiced safely,” Hof said. “We need to provide more safe places like the Bunny Ranch by legalizing prostitution in America beyond Nevada and providing aspiring prostitutes with better options than sketchy sugar dating websites.”

Lana West is the latest former sugar baby to reveal that the sugar dating phenomenon introduced her to prostitution, and lead her to become one of the most financially successful sex workers at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

In a blog post on the brothel’s website, West revealed that a friend turned her on to sugar dating after conventional dating apps yielded losers.

“Lamenting my troubles to a gal pal, she told me of a magical place on the internet where the men were handsome, polite, successful, and no-nonsense. ‘Join a sugar dating site–you’ll definitely have better luck,’ she cooed. I made my sugar dating profile the next day, and soon I was getting tons of messages from seemingly great guys: doctors, lawyers, and businessmen,” she said. It didn’t take long before West began to realize that her sugar dating experiences were just hooker/john transactions.

“It was too good to be true. It seemed that I had opened a Pandora’s Box that I could not un-open. I was drawn like a drug.” After a few months, it was clear to her that it was all about money and sex, rather than “dating” a desirable, successful guy.

Finally, she decided to just move into the Bunny Ranch and work her money maker. “‘Yes, I realized, all this ‘arrangement’ jargon is just a euphemism for prostitution,” she said. “I decided that if this is prostitution, then prostitution is awesome and I’m 100% for it.”

“There is not a social stigma for sugar baby prostitution, but as soon as you go legal and safe within the confines of a licensed brothel, there is a stigma,” she says. “I really hope I can help get the message out there that sugar dating is prostitution, and also that prostitution really isn’t a big deal.”

West is the third sex worker from the Moonlite Bunny Ranch to openly and publicly talk about the direct relationship between prostitution and sugar dating. Bunny Ranch sex worker Bobbi Besos discussed the connection in a blog post titled “Sugar Dating: Let’s Stop Sugar Coating Prostitution.”

“Perhaps the reason why sugar dating websites are so popular is because people are more comfortable with euphemistic terms such as ‘sugar’ instead of ‘transaction,’ and ‘sugar baby’ instead of ‘prostitute,’” Besos says.

Bunny Ranch brothel owner Dennis Hof considers sugar dating websites to be both a benefit to his industry and his greatest competition.

“Sugar dating websites like Seeking Arrangements are online pimps slyly teaching young women about the moneymaking benefits of prostitution,” Hof said. “These sites are grooming girls for me, and a couple of my best are former sugar babies.”

“Because sugar dating sites masquerade as dating platforms, instead of openly revealing that they are prostitute delivery systems, these sites are able to take advantage of online advertising that is not available to establishments like the Moonlite Bunny Ranch,” Hof says.

“With unregulated sugar dating prostitution, you have all of the dangers that every other illegal hooker encounters, including the potential chance that the sex worker could be the victim of a violent assault.”

Nevada is currently the only State in the USA that allows legalized prostitution in the form of licensed bordellos in certain designated counties.

Photo of Alexis Page courtesy of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

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