Study: 14% of College Students Have Sex With Professors

The most taboo relationships are always the most exciting, which is why a study called “Lust For Learning” is so interesting. Teacher/student role-playing is one of the most popular fantasies out there, so someone decided to conduct an actual sex study to see what college students were really “learning” from their professors.

When I do my sex ed lectures at Universities, I always get one or two male students emailing me who ask me if I can “show them how to be a man.” Oy. I always decline, and thank them for the compliment. (The best compliment ever is when a 19-year-old wants to have sex with you.) But I prefer someone who knows what he’s doing.

Collegestats is a site that collects statistics, numbers, quantitative data and facts about colleges. They polled over 2,000 current and former students “to find out the dirty details.” They asked how many have had inappropriate sexual relations with their professors, and what were the reasons for doing so, as well as if they would pursue a romantic relationship if no one would find out about it.

14% of students or former students reported that they had some form of sex with a professor, TA, or member of the academic staff, the sex referred to in the survey as “inappropriate relations.”  While not a majority, it’s still 14% of students.

Respondents also said that 45.5 % of the inappropriateness was started by the teacher or faculty member. (Blame it the faculty member’s member.)

More than 26 percent said that it was “the thrill and excitement” of getting caught that made them do it. According to the study “Most students said that they only slept with their professor between one and three times, so it seems that the desire passes with the thrill of the moment – or when the semester is over.”

I just hoped they learned something.


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